Give Bullying The Boot

Let’s be honest bullying of any sort has no place in modern society, I don’t think very many would disagree with that’s.

The irony is that many who vow to stamp out bullying are, in fact, some of the biggest bullies themselves.

I was having an e-chat yesterday with somebody yesterday and we agreed that (as highlighted in Alex Stewart’s article in the press) that many Police Senior Officers were guilty of bullying.   “If you don’t like it you can leave”‘ “Just Fucking Do It” and many more similar examples.  Those attitudes belong in a totally different era, and have absolutely no place in modern day Policing, or indeed, in modern day life.

Our Thin Blue Line is thin enough already. We certainly do not need any officer, Front Line or not, to be BULLIED out of the Service. Alex is the latest, not the only, example.  I don’t need to name them but we have seen several examples in the last year or two of CORPORATE BULLYING and are the culprits brought to account for it?…………Silence.

What chance do we stand though when our leaders set us such a terrible example?  It’s almost as though it’s a course of conduct which is condoned at the very top.  Intelligent, educated people resorting to bullying to control the underlings and get their own way.   Governments who change the law because their policies are unlawful.  BULLYING in my humble opinion.

Then there are the unforgettable statements such as

Reform or I will reform you – “The Federation was created by an Act of Parliament and it can be reformed by an Act of Parliament. If you do not change of your own accord, we will impose change on you.”

“So that is my offer to you: more reform to make your lives better, to save police time, and to give you more discretion so that you can get on with the jobs you are trained to do.

You can choose to work with me. Or you can choose to shout from the sidelines. ……..;;”

That is not a choice, that is the Home Secretary BULLYING the Federation to get in line with the agenda.  Like a playground bully “if you don’t do as I say you’ll be sorry”

I know we won’t normally have another election for a few years now, but it is incumbent upon us to let our politicians know that BULLYING has no part to play in our society, no part to play in a democracy. Politicians are supposed to be better than that.


A Sad, Sad Day

A sad day for James Patrick, his family and friends. A sad day for democracy and fairness.  A SAD DAY FOR THE TRUTH.

James, you a good, brave man and I publicly salute you. The Met is losing a true champion.

So James wrote some blogs. So what?  He amalgamated those blogs into a book that he published at his own expense. So what?  He went on to sell a few copies of the book and gave the proceeds to a Police Charity. So what? He told the world about Crime Stats being fudged. So what?

A document disclosed as a result of an FOI request reveals that the Met didn’t even have a policy to deal with serving officers who wrote blogs and books. So how the hell can they deem that to be Gross Misconduct?  An interesting concept what?

In my opinion (and that of many others) James didn’t write anything in his blogs that wasn’t the truth.  I didn’t always agree with the way he worded some things, but that doesn’t matter. He’s perfectly entitled to word things how he wants. Did he fib? No, I don’t believe he did.

He told the world about Crime Stats. Did he fib?  Again, no I don’t believe he did. I can only speak for the Met but it’s been going on for decades.  Way back in the 90s the Met conducted monthly (I think it was once per month) Ethical Audits of CRIS, the computerised Crime-Recording system.  Why would they do that if they believed that all was hunky dory?  Even Bernard Hogan-Who agreed that there was a truth that needed to be heard.

The Met is in turmoil. It needs people like James to help them get out of this self-induced mire that are sinking into.  James may ‘only’ be a Constable (no disrespect intended James) but ethics and an analytical brain like his are what the Job needs not some Direct Entry Superintendent from Aldi or Lidl telling everyone how they should be Policing.

We are currently just past the middle of March.  How many times have the Met shot themselves in the foot this year already?

We have heard about a mass shredding of information in 2003 that has only just surfaced.

We have heard about the 6 TSG officers and how they were treated by the Met DPS

We are hearing about the Lawrence murder investigation, the Daniel Morgan murder investigation and how corrupt cops might have influenced those enquiries.

Undercover cops, a necessary part of policing, but did they act unethically?  Whether they did or didn’t the Met is reeling from it.

All of these horror stories and what do the Met do? They persecute the one person displaying ethical qualities, that’s what they do. An easy target, this corruption business is way too difficult, put it back into the Too Difficult Box.

The saga of James Patrick is told admirably in his latest blog (how apt).

I tried to find out how much this sorry saga had cost the public but the Met tried to tell me that they didn’t know because they don’t record that information.  I don’t believe them, they know I don’t believe them and I have passed my concerns on to the Information Commissioner to investigate, and meanwhile submitted two more requests about this sorry tale.

So, to sum up, it’s Monday morning, the Met has apparently bullied its greatest champion for years into submission.  The Disciplinary Investigation continues because James is too honourable to resign before it concludes.  Some time ago, someone pointed the finger at James, and his like, implying that they may be Organisational Terrorists, a brutal term in any occupation, and not one that should EVER be laid at the feet of a Whistleblower.  Who are the Organisational Terrorists now?

James, you are indeed an honourable man, you certainly don’t deserve to have been treated the way you have, and if there is anything at all that I can do to help you in the final weeks and months of your career I certainly will, you know how to get hold of me.

There is also a swell of support for you and your plight within a certain Facebook group, whose name we may not mention.

Good luck, good health, I salute you.  A sad day for the Met and policing in general. The lunatics are most definitely running the asylum now.