Cynical? Me? Surely Not?

I must apologise for the language but I really have just about enough of this Government’s Total Bollocks. It’s Bullshit in my humble opinion designed to cover up the most monumental incompetence within government departments and make us, the public, suffer.  Austerity? Begone!! I should think Gideon and Call Me Dave fell about pissing themselves when the bankers gifted them that one. Manna from Heaven, just the vehicle they needed, a right Win Double, Dave gets to push through his hatred, sorry, Reform, of the Police, and others, and Gideon gets to soften the blows of some of the more monumental up-cocks of any government in modern history.

A while ago I wrote a series of posts for another blog on the subject of Government Wastage. What I found out staggered me.

I’ll try and bring you the highlights, you do the maths!!

I started off with

NHS Connecting For Health

An initiative by the Department of Health in England to move the National Health Service (NHS) in England towards a single, centrally-mandated electronic care record.  Eventually things came to a head in 2011.The project to “modernise” the NHS computer systems, replacing them all with a single system that would enable any doctor to access any patient’s records stalled.  After a decade, and nearly £12 billion spent, the project was abandoned.  £12 billion would pay the salaries of 60,000 nurses (that’s SIXTY THOUSAND, not a typo) for 10 YEARS.

Then I progressed onto

A Little Bit More Government Wastage, No-One Will Notice


These may not float your boat, but they’re a pet hate of mine.  Not Aircraft Carriers per se, we need those, it’s what the government has done with them that winds me up.  Once again I don’t blame any particular colour of political party, once again they all seem to be tarred with the same brush, but I do think Dave had a hand in it.

Government routinely makes an appalling mess of things. Some years ago a single edition of The Daily Telegraph reported that a nuclear submarine suffered £5 million of damage after crashing into rocks because trainee commanders covered vital charts with tracing paper; that a government efficiency drive in the Department for Transport to save £112 million was likely to cost £120 million while sending messages to employees in German and denying them annual leave to which they were entitled; that hundreds of thousands of immigrants were excluded from official statistics by a counting system which was so unreliable that it was not possible to know the true population of Britain; and that more than 8,000 patients had died in dirty hospitals after contracting superbugs. And that was just one day’s headlines.

Defence, whose dreadful procurement record – including boots that melt in hot weather, helicopters that won’t fly in the rain, radios that don’t fit into battle tanks, naval frigates with no weapons, aircraft carriers with no fighter jets, and military transport aircraft that can’t fly into war zones – amply justifies Ernest Fitzgerald’s maxim that “there are only two phases of a weapons programme: ‘Too early to tell’ and ‘too late to stop’

It couldn’t get any worse, could it?

Well it could actually.

£500m jump jets may melt the decks of aircraft carriers: Latest MoD plan shambles

NEW Harrier-style jump jets set to fly from Navy aircraft carriers could melt their decks, US trials show.

I will let the then Shadow Defence minister Kevan Jones have the last word

“Only this Government could melt aircraft carriers.”

Just A Quickie Then She Said

This addressed the issue of Chinook Helicopters.

In 1995 it was decided that the country needed to buy 8 Chinook Mk3s in 1995 for £259million but they have been kept in storage since they were delivered in 2001.

They were ordered as dedicated special forces helicopters

It has always said the helicopters have not been able to be passed as fit for use because officials negotiating the deal to buy them did not ask for the access code for the software used to fly them and Boeing refused to hand the code over once the mistake was noticed.

But the Times reports the MoD never asked for the code because, under pressure from the Treasury, it told Boeing it planned to install its own software, thinking it could do so more cheaply.”

Now that does sound like the sort of thing a cheapskate arrogant government might say don’t you think?  Another example of The Treasury interfering in front-line issues. Sadly though the software didn’t work (quelle surprise) and the 8 Chinooks are no longer hi-tech fighting machines, but are now good old transport aircraft.

A village somewhere must be missing an idiot.  Didn’t ask for the software access codes?  Can anyone really be that daft?

It’s an old story and that’s why I’ve kept it brief, but it’s another £300-500 million pounds worth of government wastage to add on.


Reform and Wastage, Together, And It’s Happening NOW

Universal Credit.

Emperor Dave told us that he was reforming the benefits system.  He was going to save the country a small fortune.  His grand ideas included linking benefits to wages instead of inflation, a cap on Housing Benefit, adjusting regional benefits to the cost of living and apparently no-one under the age of 25 needs Housing Benefit anyway.  All in all he’s looking to save £10 Billion from the Welfare Budget.

It has become apparent that this innovative, flagship project has been hit by an IT glitch, somewhat reminiscent of the NHS farce.

The Independent reports that the scheme has been placed on a Treasury list of projects in crisis.  That sounds quite bad to me.

Universal credit has a development budget of £2 Billion. It is supposed to be a paperless on-line IT system for claimants that would bridge the DWP’s data with the Treasury.  However, the project is already suffering a £100 Million overrun. There are also concerns that a further £300 Million is being hidden by rising costs reallocated to child support payments.

A reorganisation of the complex IT system, following the departure this month of key senior civil servants in charge of universal credit, could mean an overrun of £500 Million by next spring.

There you are, we’ve just saved the Met’s Budget again.

Then I moved on to

Not Very (HMS) Astute – Just a little bit more Government Wastage

A confidential Ministry of Defence memo says that corrosion on the UK’s new fleet of hunter-killer submarines was caused by cost-cutting and warns that quality controls have been ignored, the Guardian can reveal.

Written by a senior analyst at the MoD, the memo says the corrosion is a “cause for major concern”, and that the first three Astute class boats are likely to experience “severe problems” in the future.

The £9.75bn fleet was commissioned 15 years ago to become a cornerstone of the UK’s naval attack capability, but a range of design and construction flaws have emerged.

The boat has yet to start formal service, Astute – four years overdue and £2bn over budget – has been surrounded by controversy since it was first commissioned 15 years ago.  Is this really acceptable?  Do we have to live with such apparent incompetence?  What would be the outcome if we behaved as incompetently as that?

Submarines that leak, whatever next?

We Told You About This Months Ago – More Govt Wastage, £74 Million

A government U-turn over fighter jets for the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers cost taxpayers £74m, says the National Audit Office. The decision to scrap an order for jump jets, which was later reversed, had been based on “immature data and flawed assumptions”, it says in a report. Labour says the report “lays bare this government’s incompetence”. But Defence Secretary Philip Hammond says the U-turn will save money in the long run and is backed by the NAO. “Not only did it save £1.2bn; it also means that by 2018, we will have fifth-generation stealth jets flying off the new Queen Elizabeth Class carrier,” says Mr Hammond.

My last was this one

Government Wastage Revisited

Firstly our old friend Iain Duncan Smith and his Department of Work and Pensions.  It seems that they are quite likely to have to scrap their entire IT system for Universal Credit and start again from scratch.

£300 Million wasted. #Austerity? Not in Whitehall apparently.

A review by Universal Credit director general Howard Shiplee will apparently recommend two options for the future of the IT developed so far, which go even further than previous reports have suggested.

Option one would mean scrapping all the work done so far, thereby admitting it is not fit for purpose, and bringing most of the development of new IT systems in-house under the control of the Government Digital Service (GDS).

Option two would involve continuing to use some of the existing IT to support the current Pathfinder pilot projects, but developing new systems for the full roll-out – effectively delaying any decision to throw away all the work completed so far.

Option 1? Option 2?  Both of them seem to involve scrapping everything at some point, whatever.  The Cabinet Office, which controls GDS, is understood to favour the first option, while the DWP prefers to continue with the current IT for as long as possible. Two branches of the same government with opposing views, where have I heard that before?

The final decision will probably be made later this month by the Ministerial Oversight Group for the troubled welfare reform programme, led by Secretary of State for Work and Pensions,  Iain Duncan Smith.

The National Audit Office (NAO) said in a highly critical report on Universal Credit in September that £303m had been spent so far on IT. Of that amount, the DWP has already admitted to writing off £34m of IT work, although that figure is likely to end up even higher whatever happens.

Labour’s shadow secretary of state for work and pensions Rachel Reeves wrote to the Prime Minister last week, urging him to “start taking responsibility for this fiasco”. She added: “David Cameron has serious questions to answer about how he has allowed things to get to this stage and how his complacent, incompetent and out-of-touch government has wasted scandalous amounts of money on a half-baked plan IT now can’t deliver.”

Don’t sit on the fence Rachel, what do you really mean?

But if all of the IT were to be scrapped, the NAO report suggests that the final figure for the write-off would be in excess of £300m.

Most of that money has been spent with the four key IT suppliers for the project – HP, IBM, Accenture and BT.

The other piece of disastrous news that caught my eye this week was in relation to my old favourite – Aircraft Carriers.

The cost of two new aircraft carriers being built for the Royal Navy is expected to be almost twice the original estimate, the government is expected to confirm this week.

In the latest budget, the Ministry of Defence is set to estimate the cost of the two ships at £6.2bn.

£6.2 BILLION. What on earth are they doing? How many hospitals, schools, police officers etc etc could be funded by just the difference in cost between that and the original. Six years ago, when the contract was approved, costs were put at £3.65bn

The shadow defence secretary, Labour’s Vernon Coaker, said: “This is the latest in a series of financial fiascos in the MoD under David Cameron.  It’s that word fiasco again (see above).

This government seem to be very good at cut cut cut in just about every public sector. We must all pull together, this is a national crisis, a time of severe austerity, and all of these cuts have to be in place before 2015 because we know we don’t stand a snowball’s chance of being re-elected.

Whilst, at the the very same time, they are increasing their salaries, increasing their pensions, and their expenses have almost returned to the excesses of the bad old days.  Only a few days ago was there news about how they were claiming for gas and electricity in their second homes, and as one of my Twitter colleagues put it “Why do they need to do that, because if they’re heating their second home they’re not heating their main home, or cooking etc?”

So nothing has really changed since we spoke last. We are most definitely NOT All In It Together and the ConDem government that NOBODY voted for has shown just how arrogant and uncaring they can be.

Trouble is, it’s left me the dilemma, Who the hell do I vote for in 2015?

Answers on a Postcard please, assuming that Royal Mail still exists when you read this.

Since my last, our friends in the media have come to our aid and published this

Hideous £5bn government waste: including £6m on useless earplugs

Government departments have apparently poured £5.1 billion down the drain as the result of mistakes, write-offs and compensation.

The Department of Health, for example, was said to have wasted £761 million – including £49 million to exchange Tamiflu vaccines which were ordered just in case there was an avian flu epidemic, and went out of date

That was just part of the £255 million worth of vaccines that went out of date and had to be thrown away.

Likewise the Department of Health spent £28.5 million to make staff redundant during the reorganisation of the NHS.  Yes they have to pay redundancy, and they are spending money to save money, but £28.5 million? Really?

Other payments are hard to put down to anything other than incompetence – including £1.2 million lost to the Department for Education because a school made a payment to the wrong account.  WTF??

£11 million lost by the Department for Work and Pension because it overpaid work programme providers.

£1.74 million spent by the Home Office on scheduled flights that it later cancelled.  This is not the biggest up-cock but it’s up there amongst my favourites as it involves our dear and sanctimonious friend Cruella and her Department.  Pots and Kettles dear.

The Ministry of Defence wasted  £4 million on the early withdrawal of the Sea King helicopters, and £7.2 million on a mobile mine detection system that didn’t work.

Boots and Aircraft Carriers that can melt, submarines that leak, Flights never taken or cancelled, Mine Hunting System that plain doesn’t work, Withdrawal of the Sea Kings too soon, Shall We, Shan’t We? Fighter Planes, Let’s just pay this money into the wrong account, the list goes on.  If you were a Finance Manager and this on your CV what would the likely outcome be?

So yes, I am cynical, whilst I do believe #Austerity exists, I also believe that it’s a highly convenient hook for this government to hang its hat on and slaughter all those public services in its sights, and we, the Public, don’t know any better, kept in the dark and fed Bullshit – The Mushroom Syndrome.

#CutsHaveConsequences, but not, it seems, for the criminally incompetent Bar Stewards that re wasting BILLIONS of our Taxpayer pounds, spending it like it’s their own, but it’s not, it’s ours.

Tot up the figures above (loosely OK) and tell me how many Cops, Servicemen, Nurses, Doctors etc etc could be retained even if only for a few years more.

Then Call Me Dave and his cohorts can try and convince me where I’ve gone wrong and that it truly is necessary and NOT a Vendetta.

Stop and Search, Armed Police and Sophie

I was going to have a quite day today, but Sophie Khan, amongst others, has put paid to that. Said lady has taken time of from Taser Patrol to enter the argument on Armed Police. See her Timeline, I can’t bring myself to even Copy/Paste that level of rubbish.

In the last week I have seen much discontent about a variety of topics in the Media. RIPA, Armed Police and Stop and Search are the three that occupy me most this morning, and my view is simply that there is nothing wrong with ANY of them.

I’m not living on a nice pink, fluffy cloud thinking that all is well in the world, but neither do I want to see perfectly valuable tools in the Police Toolbox blunted or stolen.

Looking at the ludicrous article in The Times about Armed Police attending ‘normal’ incidents, so what? The government has chosen to reduce the number of Police on our streets that are available to respond to the increased demand on them, what are they to do?

Be honest, just for 2 minutes. If you’ve been burgled, had your car stolen off your driveway and your granny has just been mugged and had her pension stole, when you phone the Police and they say “we’ve got nobody to send for then next 2 hours, or we could send you an Armed Officer immediately”, which would you choose? If you tell me you’d rather wait two hours than have an officer with a pistol turn up straight away I’d be tempted not to believe you.

There is NOTHING wrong with Armed Police turning up to deal with your emergency, it’s how they behave when they get there that matters, and they are PROFESSIONALS.

RIPA? I have nothing further to add to yesterday’s post, there’s nothing wrong with the existing legislation it’s the application and supervision that need to be monitored, supervised properly and consistently, each application being properly read at the supervision stage to ensure that it meets the criteria. If it does, what’s the problem? Tying the hands of the Police to suit the baying journos and politicians helps society how?

TASER, briefly, is the same. As long as the officers have received a sufficient level of training, and all the relevant policies and guidelines have been complied with, what on earth is the problem? Are we surrounded by a Nation of Police Officers firing off their TASERs randomly every time they jump out of their cars? Or are they being used only when necessary? Yes, mistakes may occasionally happen, but an honest mistake should be forgiven. Reckless and inappropriate use of TASER is different. Is that really what’s happening out there?

Finally, Stop and Search. It’s quite possible, probable if you prefer, that Stop and Search has been misused and abused by a small number of officers is that a reason to call. For its abolition? I don’t think so. My view is really quite consistent. Train your officers so that they know what they have to do. Monitor the Stop/Search records and make the Supervising Officers SUPERVISE. Every supervisor is a volunteer. They have all applied to be one. It is not compulsory, they take the increased salaries every month, let them earn their corn and bloody supervise at grass roots level. Root out malpractice and develop a body of officers who know the reasons and grounds for Stop/Search, know how to put it in to practice and how to do It without offending the person being Stop/Searched. I always found people to be perfectly reason if they were dealt with respectfully and had things explained to them. The small percentage that will vociferously object to being stopped because they protest their innocence and the Police have only picked on them for whatever reason can be totally silenced by the impending issue of bodycams allied with consistent professionalism. Once again, no reason to scrap the whole system, concentrate on applying the existing system properly

I’m perfectly certain that the vast majority of the Great British public don’t want to see their police hamstrung by being deprived of their ‘tools’. To give in to the baying minority is the weak, lazy option. Strong leadership with effective supervision will solve all these problems without weakening the Police effectiveness. Why on earth are we even bothering to listen to the likes of Sophie Khan and her ilk? (That’s me Blocked then). Even Professional Standards can’t object to that surely?

TJ is Totally F

Quite a few of you will need no explanation for that.

Where do I begin?

Bernie Hogan-Who in The Times


Instead of answering the 5 serious, important questions the reporter wanted to ask him;

  • The police service in England and Wales has lost 16,000 officers in five years, and faces further budget cuts; according to HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary, some small forces won’t be viable in a few years. What does Sir Bernard think should be done?
    Police have no real idea about the scale of cybercrime or how to tackle it. Does he have any thoughts?
  • The Met is moving 50 officers from murder squads to its overstretched child abuse teams — is the commissioner worried that the fixation on historical abuse cases puts vulnerable kids at greater risk today?
  • The Plebgate affair exploded from a silly spat in Downing Street into a crisis that has eroded confidence in British policing. Is Sir Bernard ready to admit his failings over its handling — not least the decision not to nip in the bud the whole thing by holding a proper inquiry immediately?
  • Amid stories of a bellowing, bullying culture at the Yard why did he move a hugely experienced officer from her job as head of counterterrorism in the most volatile security atmosphere for years? What caused him to sideline the senior officer who delivered the successful security operation at the 2012 Olympics until the man felt he had no option but to leave the Met?
  • And just why does he need to recruit a £98,000-a-year “expert relationship manager” to “control his media profile”?

he sends an invitation to join him at the gym to witness him doing the mandatory Fitness Test.

Then came the dreadful news that officer ‘E7’ has been charged with MURDER following the fatal shooting of Azelle Rodney in April 2005.  Personally I know nothing about this tragic event, only what I have read in the press. It was reported that Mr Rodney was shot 6 times, in the arm, back and head.

All I can say on the matter is that EVERY single Firearms Officer that I ever came into contact with took was fully aware of their responsibilities and took them very seriously indeed.

The balance is a tricky one, very tricky indeed.

I am in no way suggesting that Police Officers should be given Carte Blanche to go round putting 6 rounds into everyone they take a dislike to, but part of their job is to make Life or Death (literally) split-second decisions before they pull their trigger, or not.  If they now have to add in thinking “but hang on a mo, E7 did that and he’s up on a murder charge” in the time it’s taken you to read that the officer could be dead.

If the evidence can show that this was a premeditated act by E7 then the charge of murder is presumably valid.

I have never been unfortunate enough to have to carry a firearm, but I have been deployed on operations in high-risk situations where Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) were deployed to a) protect us and b) get us out if the wheel became disconnected.  On every single occasion a full Operational Strategy and Risk Assessment were prepared, along with an awful lot of What If scenarios.  Professionalism personified.

In her statement to the Media, DPP, Alison Saunders said “……

Following the outcome of the public inquiry, the Independent Police Complaints Commission re-referred the matter to the CPS, providing us with the evidence previously gathered and the further evidence and material which has emerged since the initial referral.

“We have carefully considered the new file of evidence submitted to us and have decided that a former Metropolitan Police officer, currently identified only as E7, will be prosecuted for murder……………We have determined that there is a realistic prospect of conviction and that a prosecution is in the public interest.”

Not much room for doubting what’s in her mind then.

If I WAS an AFO now, I would seriously be considering handing back my authorisation. Every single one of those officers is a Volunteer. No officer is ever forced to undergo Firearms Training, except to ‘reclassify’ at regular intervals after initial training. There are also loads of psychometric tests to pass as well. They volunteer to put their lives at risk for the Public Good. They are human, sometimes, but not very often, tragic mistakes are made, but in my view that is exactly what they are, mistakes, not evil acts by rogue officers.

If the AFOs of London now decided to surrender their Authorisations en masse, chaos would ensue.

There would be no armed operations conducted by the Met, none at all.

Cabinet Ministers (and others entitled to Protection) would not get the Armed Guard they should be getting.

Neither will visiting Diplomats.

Neither will the Royal Family.

It won’t happen, mainly because the officers are too professional and they fully realise the consequences, but it SHOULD happen in my opinion.

A similar, but slightly less serious, situation exists with Police Drivers.  They are trained to very high levels. However, again, occasionally things go tragically wrong.

I know from my own personal experience that there is a total lack of support when the round, black thing comes off.  In my own case I was immediately suspended from driving, served a summons by my Inspector on Christmas Eve (that does NOT happen to members of the public, and is totally unnecessary), faced a full trial in the Magistrates Court and at the end of it found Not Guilty, mainly, I think, because it’s difficult to prove a case of Driving Without Due Care and Attention against the Police Driver when the Police car is stationary and is hit by a low-flying Porsche travelling at 113 miles per hour.

When I returned to my Station from Court and announced my acquittal, a certain Chief Inspector from Traffic said “We all know what happens at Court lad, the Innocent get convicted and the Guilty go free”

I never did drive a Police car in anger again after that.  Despite being reinstated as a Police Driver I had forcibly realised that my own Driving Licence was at risk, and there was no support from the organisation. Police Drivers are also Volunteers, and if every Police Officer refused to carry a Firearm and refuses to drive a Police Vehicle I dread to think of the consequences.

I’m not recommending Indemnity from anything, but some support would be nice, and, until it comes, TJF.

Before you all shout at me and say that there is support in other areas, that dried up long ago. My partner at the time went to see the Chief Superintendent asking for some Compassionate Leave because his wife had been admitted to hospital and the kids needed looking after.  I kid you not, his response was “Put your kids into Care temporarily”.

Slowly, bit by bit, everything that was good about the Job is being whittled away, and I truly struggle to understand why folk do it now.

I’m going to get flak for this, but I’m not advocating immunity.  I do, however, think it’s time for a full study of the stresses and strains of Firearms Operations in particular.  A fuller understanding of what it’s like being that officer needs to be obtained.  I don’t have the answer, and I’m not claiming that I do.

Don’t just take the ramblings of an old goat as Gospel, try to put yourself in the position of an AFO, finger on trigger, already been at work for nearly 8 hours, possibly you have one or more guns pointed at you.  There might be members of the public caught up in the situation.  You’ve probably already got more than enough going on in your head, do you really NEED further distractions, worrying even more than usual about the consequences of getting this wrong? One thing you definitely do not need is anything that will slow down and/or impair the quality of your thought process by way of distraction. You are a Professional, fully aware of the potential consequences of your situation.

Maybe Alison Saunders, the DPP, has been a Firearms Officer in a previous career, in which case she’ll understand perfectly.  If she hasn’t, then just maybe her words could have been better chosen.

A spokesperson for the Met said “……Our officers are highly-trained and professional and fire shots only once or twice a year.”

Keith Vaz MP, the chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: “This is an important step towards justice. No one is above the law ………..”

A Summary Execution? I Think Not

Today is not a day for ranting, today is a day for calm reflection, so I will do my best.

Yesterday we received the ‘Conclusion’ of the Mark Duggan Inquest. Some will be satisfied with the Conclusion, some will obviously not be, but I don’t suppose anyone is ‘Happy’ with it.

I shall make very few comments about Mr Duggan, I don’t really know enough about him, the person.

Personally, I think Lawful Killing is the correct conclusion. What has dismayed/disgusted/appalled me (delete as applicable) are the comments from people who should know better.  Just for now I’m prepared to excuse reaction and comments from the immediate Duggan family, it must be a very hard time for them.

The Duggan family solicitor however, is much more difficult to explain. If she wants to stand outside the Royal Courts of Justice and pronounce that Mark Duggan was ‘Murdered’ by the Police I think that is a disgraceful way to behave and ‘Unprofessional’ is as mild as I can get. Ten good men and true have listened to the evidence, they have asked questions, they have been provided with answers, and finally they have pondered and considered, finally coming to a majority conclusion 8-2 in favour of Lawful Killing, with the other 2 in favour of an Open Conclusion. Not one of them was in favour of Unlawful Killing. If the Duggans’ solicitor is not happy with that maybe she’s in the wrong job; that’s how Justice works in this country.

I then had to put up with Lee Jasper on Sky News. I haven’t a clue what he was on but I’ll have a pint of it any time. I had already had to challenge him earlier. On 18th December, whilst the Inquest was still hearing evidence, Lee Jasper Tweeted this:-

“Lee Jasper@LeeJasper 18 Dec

@MikePannett @MayorofLondon @metpoliceuk The summary execution of unarmed Mark Duggan cannot be tolerated whatever our concerns about gangs”

He had already decided that this was a summary execution, even though the Coroner’s Jury were yet to reach their Conclusion.

I do not think that this is helpful to anybody.

Later that month he also Tweeted this absolute classic

“Lee Jasper@LeeJasper 28 Dec

@nickareay @OliverKamm Black people in UK can’t be racist.”  Says who Lee? You?

Diane Abbott MP is another on my shitlist after Tweeting “If the Duggan jury believe that he did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot, how can they find it was a lawful killing?” Someone really ought to explain to her how having a gun in your hand is not the only permissible reason for the use of lethal force. Not at all responsible from an elected politician.

I could go on forever, but I won’t. Firearms officers are not automatons, they are highly trained professionals who do the very best they can under impossible conditions. If Duggan had not been shot and then went on to produce a 2nd weapon and injure members of the public, then the Police would be at fault in the eyes of some for NOT shooting him. I ask all of the critics “Would you like to be in the position of deciding whether or not to pull the trigger?”  Would you? Could you? It truly is a job like no other.

Mark Duggan always had the option to surrender peacefully and if he had he would still be alive today. Here endeth my non-rant.