Surely It’s Now Time For Theresa May To Go

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Her time is done, she’s set about the wholesale destruction and discrediting of the British Police. Her and Tom Winsor set in place a plan which is reducing the British Police from being the pride of the world to a mere shadow of its former self.
In the name of ‘Reform’ she is changing the shape of Policing in the UK forever.  To me ‘Reform’ implies that the subject of the reform will be made in some way better.  What is happening yo Policing UK is in no way an improvement.
Since 2010 the size of the England & Wales Police Service has shrunk by 17,500 officers with a similar number set to go by 2020.  It. Is IMPOSSIBLE to continue to Police the country with shortfalls of that magnitude.  This is not about doing things more efficiently, yes we can, but this is far deeper and darker than efficiency.
After 5 years the Police Chiefshave entered the fray but let’s be clear, this is far too late.  They should have voiced their concerns at the very beginning, instead they merely conducted witch hunts against serving officers who dared to speak out.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Those senior officers who stood by and let this happen, saying nothing, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Little credibility in joining in 5 years later when all is virtually lost.

Now today we have had to contend with Theresa May speaking to the National Black Police Association.  Even before lunch she had invoked angry responses from the Met, Durham and Dyfed Powys Constabularies. Apparently our Home Secretary was addressing the NBPA with inaccurate information.  Deliberately provocative or incompetent?  You would think that if one of our senior politicians was going to give such a high profile address, already leaked to the Press in advance, that she would get her facts right.  Or are the 3 Police Forces lying?  Publish the stats, flush out the liar(s).

Then she embarked upon another narrative guaranteed to provoke and annoy.  The thorny subject of Stop and Search.

 “I know there are those who say that our reforms have gone too far, that the pendulum has swung too much the other way, and that reforms to stop and search are linked to knife crime in our capital and elsewhere. But to them I say this: stop and search reform has worked, it must continue, and – if you look at the evidence – it shows no link whatsoever with violent crime.”

To her I say this – show us the evidence then. Convince us, stop relying on anecdotal vide cue, show us the proof that there is no connection between Stop/Search and Knife Crime.

In relation to her provocative comments about Police Forces being “too white” I will dare to say that Police a Forces should endeavour to be as good as they can be.  There should be no “acceptable” levels for any ethnicity. We should recruit the best candidates whatever their ethnicity, gender or sexual persuasion.  All Police Recruits take an oath to serve and uphold “Without Fear or Favour”. That should be sufficient.

What percentage of MPs, the Home Office, the Cabinet are from Ethnic Minorities?  How many are female?  Come on Theresa tell us?  It’s a perfectly reasonable request.  I am not the only person to require an answer to that question.

Between them Theresa May and Tom Winsor have destroyed the fabric and the morale of the British Police Service.  Very few Police OR Public have any confidence them.

I expect Sir Hugh is still available for the HMIC job, I believe he would bring some credibility to the post once more.  We could probably rustle up s Home Secretary with some credibility from somewhere.

Personally I have #NoConfidenceInTheresaMay and I shall be sharing my concerns  with my elected MP.  Whether you do the same is, of course, up to you.

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  1. Visit any local primary school and look at the staff. Are 50% male. Do they reflect the local community? Do they hell. Visit your local hospital does the racial make up of staff reflect the local community?. Do they hell. Who cares. In all honesty what you want is the best person for the job. Nothing more.

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