Stop and Search – Bored With It Now

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  1. Glenn says:

    So when the Government’s Home Office aided by the NOCC and the grandiosely titled College of Polcing run out of arguments, they resort to smear and denigrate opponents who contest their spurious arguments, as somehow ‘toxic’. A real sign of the desperation that now exists at the heart of those government and policing agencies responsible for policy, training and leadership.And all because we have a rogue PM and forner Home Secretary, whose views no matter how wrong headed and out of kilter with accurate and bona fide evidence, rather than the skewed distortions of the truth that DisMay appears to prefer to substantiate her politically driven policies on law and order, that owe more to her pandering to the certain sections of the community. In so doing, those same communiues are ironically those who are suffering most from the haemorrhaging of young lives from gun and knife crime on streets the length and breadth of this country.

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