Stop And Search – A Peace Offering (Of Sorts)

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3 Responses

  1. Glenn Tomlinson says:

    Well said!

  2. J.E. Coulter says:

    I’ve always been interested in this debate. Here the level to conduct a frisk (cannot go into the pockets etc) is reasonable suspicion (roughly the same as the UK) once patting down the exterior and you feel something in a pocket (without manipulating said object) and can deduce through training and experience that it’s likely a weapon or some other form of contraband you’re allowed into the pockets. I like your version a lot better!! It’s a creative art / writing here. We have nothing like a Section 60 search here, likewise a Section 18 search, oh how I wish!
    I cannot believe some twit ever though putting a target (read quota) on something like that and ever thought anything good would come of it needs to be stopped and searched twice daily. Such things like that have been found unconstitutional here, mostly in the form of quotas for moving violations.
    There are loads of things I admire about the UK system as described above but it seems no one trusts the officer there to use his own discretion when dealing with so much daily stuff. It appears that the higher ups don’t believe the man or woman at the scene, in the moment is best placed to decide what’s best. I admire you guys for being able to operate in such an oppressive atmosphere, I for one couldn’t.
    I hope to see Stop and Search used in a manner in which the time spent doing them ends in a positive result instead of just checking a box to keep the brass happy. Good Luck.

    • RetiredAndAngry says:

      I always argue that Stop/Search targets are both unethical and unlawful as the law requires the officer to have ‘reasonable grounds’ and if he/she is merely striving to reach a target they undoubtedly don’t exist. Having said that an experienced street cop should normally be able to identify sufficient grounds in most cases

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