Stating The Bleeding Obvious

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  1. Grandma B says:

    To answer your questions:

    1) Are the Senior Management of the Met and the officers of Directorate of professional Standards so out of control that they can treat their ‘underlings’ in this manner with impunity?

    Answer – Yes. But then the entire police force is out of the control of the government, as Home Secretary Theresa May has admitted to a Parliamentary Question from Lord Maginnis.

    2) Is this merely blind panic as they find themselves in a situation they don’t know how to deal with and haven’t got the balls to admit it?

    Answer – No. This is not blind panic, but typical of the criminal behaviour of police officers of all ranks.

    3) What on earth would happen if a PC/PS/DC/DS etc treated a member of the public, or even the criminal fraternity, with such venom and apparently a total lack of regard for Disclosure and the law in general?

    Answer – Police officers of all ranks habitually commit crimes against members of the public all the time with impunity, because we do not have the rule of law in Britain. Only criminals appear to be treated with respect by the police, probably because the police are in cahoots with them.

  2. ideb8 says:

    Re: “Call me picky but I can’t think of a single Freedom of Information request that I have submitted (in relation to James) where the Met has actually told me anything. On at least one occasion I truly believe that the Met has LIED to me.”

    Despite the blanket optimism regarding the police expressed by Grandma A, B & C, I believe another bald lie has wriggled to the surface..

    The question:

    On what date was the MPS first made aware that some of their officers
    were targeting vulnerable rape victims in order to persuade them to drop

    “..where a victim is vulnerable or has any of the vulnerable
    characteristics, including the use of drugs or alcohol, or mental health,
    or even their age — these are protected characteristics of vulnerable
    victims — those are the people who would be targeted to try to make them
    back out of the allegation”

    – See Q11)

    The answer:

    “The MPS have not been made aware, by PC Patrick or any other person, of specific cases where officers were targeting vulnerable victims to
    persuade them to drop allegations. If any cases are identified where this
    is a factor, the matter would be referred to the Directorate of
    professional Standards for investigation. If you are aware of any specific
    cases where this has been raised, I would be grateful if you could furnish
    the MPS with the detail so that this can be reviewed.”


    The unconvincing innocence:

    A date was requested. A blanket denial was provided. To avoid giving a date, a pretence is made that rape victims exhibiting vulnerable characteristics have never been targeted, that no evidence of such targeting exists and so has never been presented to the MPS, on any date.

    If a rape victim has ever been persuaded to recant, they were selected for persuasion not because they were seen as exhibiting vulnerable characteristics – and so their claims would be the easiest and quickest to expunge to improve figures. Oh no. The selection wouldn’t be targeted and certainly wouldn’t be linked to better crime stats.

    The subtext is that, by admitting a date, such targeting would reveal its purpose: fiddling rape figures. However, by asserting the MPS is unaware, has never been aware, no-one has ever provided evidence on a particular date worth deeper investigation, it also admits never to have investigated if such targeting has occurred – which smacks of negligence, not innocence.

    After all, there’d be no point looking unless evidence of specific cases existed which gave reasonable suspicion of such targeting. Enough to merit a cautionary investigation anyway..

    The ostrich is a bird with remarkable survival skills. By peering intently at sand grains, it avoids the eyes of inquisitve predators. This habit may have helped them survive if it left some predators nonplussed or confused, distracted by, or attracted to, movement elsewhere instead. Could this eye-avoiding behaviour be favoured as advantageous by evolution?

  3. ideb8 says:

    A very high proportion – perhaps even 90% – of rape victims exhibit at least one “vulnerable/’protected’ characteristic” (were just young, had been drinking or had already been targeted by their assailant and plied with drink, etc) and are therefore less likely to have their allegations taken seriously and so survive unscathed or succeed in court etc.

    So a clear danger obviously exists that an as high, or even higher, proportion of these disadvantaged victims could become a ‘soft’ target, a target for a second time, for persuasion/’advice’ not to pursue charges – especially if crime figures will improve as a direct result.

    Enough of a danger to merit a precautionary investigation anyway.

    Would no such investigation over the years ever have unearthed specific cases of secondary targeting by officers – officers whose superiors had incentives, in the form of promotion or bonuses, to favour the quickest retraction of already-doubted allegations within the allowed 72-hour crime-recording limit?

    Research indicating that rape victims, already distressed and newly vulnerable, have been persuaded to withdraw allegations, has existed and been available for years.

    So the statement by the MPS, if not a bare-faced lie, must at least point to blind negligence:

    “The MPS have not been made aware..of specific cases where officers were targeting vulnerable victims to persuade them to drop allegations”

    This must surely be untrue. The clues have all been there to see and investigate..

    16 Apr ’07

    “More than half of the men accused of raping women who had been drinking*, where the cases were ‘not crimed’, had a history of sexual offences against women”

    “A third of suspects whose victims were under 18* were not investigated, but had histories of violent offending”

    “The attrition rate [the rate of cases being not-crimed, not detected, or not pursued by the victim] is abominable,” comments Assistant Commissioner John Yates”

    “most attrition takes place with us in the police”
    16 Apr ’07

    “In 87% of the cases analysed, victims displayed more than one* of these vulnerabilities”

    “men who like raping women target those who won’t engage police attention or confidence.”

    “many women told researchers they had been encouraged to quit by police officers”

    “patterns of attrition differed depending on the type* of vulnerability involved.”
    05 Dec ’09 Dr Rodger Patrick

    “..demonstrates that senior officers are directing and controlling widespread manipulation of crime figures”
    26 Feb ’13

    “Women reporting sexual assaults would be questioned repeatedly by a detective about whether they had consented to sex. They were encouraged to withdraw their complaints, which boosted the unit’s sanctioned detection rate.”
    12 Jul ’13

    “Rape cases involving vulnerable victims* are the least likely to progress through the criminal justice system”

    “there has been a continual decrease in the overall proportion of such crimes reported to police resulting in a conviction and a high number of cases that ‘drop out’, suggesting a justice gap for victims”

    “victim vulnerability*, which is identified as an aggravating factor in the 2003 Sexual Offences Act, is in practice deemed to undermine victim credibility leading to a large ‘drop out’ in rape cases”

    I strongly suspect the MPS FOI response/statement is a lie. You can probably tell this just from the way their lips remained wriggling long after previous FOI lies had been nailed.

    Even an Ostrich would choose to wear a tin-foil hat as a distraction if their lips wriggled so meaninglessly, forced to struggle so much with their contents.

    * drink, age > examples of vulnerable (‘protected’) characteristics

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