Spotlight On Dyfed Powys Police, Life On The Other Side Of Offa’s Dyke

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6 Responses

  1. Dave Evans says:

    Chris Salmon has scrapped our Police helicopter and shut down the CCTV in town centres. He has also cut the Police precept by 5%

  2. Huw John says:

    It’s not that unusual when there’s an election coming up!

  3. Kelp says:

    I could comment more but suffice to say that I can categorically say that police officers and staff can claim 40p per mile so if the 45p is correct just confirms the double standards that makes us all sick. Secondly can someone ask if Mr S has signed up to the Code of Ethics that every other officer and staff have. Nolan principles are fine but why not sign up to the Code of Ethics?

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