Sorry Everybody, It’s Tom Winsor and G4$ Again

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8 Responses

  1. Glenn Tomlinson says:

    This stinks! Do these people really believe, that with the track record of parliamentarians and government in this country, that we will believe them when they insist that they are telling the truth, when their ‘Truth’ certainly doesn’t look like it to the man in the street.

    • Alan says:

      Something somewhere is simply wrong Glenn, and the public deserve to know the truth. There seems to be a huge divide between Politicians’Truth and the truth they demand from others

  2. Gordon Williamson says:

    As usual there is a difference in what is a conflict of interest for them than it is for us mear mortals. It is the same for truth and honesty the bar of what is acceptable is set considerably lower for them.
    If I put my analyst head on and was looking at criminal associations then if these links popped up I would certainly be recommending an investigation. But all this is in the “public forum” have we no decent & honest politicians left that might cry foul, have all the investigative journalists gone to sleep? Our once great Police Service that was in general free and impartial has not only been subverted by political interference but also big business has a big foot in the door! This is nothing short of a national scandal not only that it is happening but that no one other than the rank and file will speak out about it!!
    We are doomed, there are no longer any of our leaders who posses any principals. It stinks!

    • Alan says:

      At the VERY least it’s exceedingly poor judgement, and at worst corruption, or anything else in between, To my analytical head one of the main issues is the change in story from Home Office to FOI requests, makes a huge differeence that small change

      • Glenn Tomlinson says:

        Another excellent and illuminating piece of work Alan. Well Done! This whole episode is like the proverbial can of worms… Once you start lying you have to keep lying about the lies you’ve already told, and so on and on… The trouble is that even a government cannot tie up all the loose ends; so, hopefully, the truth will out… Soon!!

  3. Gary says:

    A clear example of just why we need the FOI which will very soon become a toothless tiger once Jack whatsis name gets it binned.

  1. November 22, 2015

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