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  1. davidbfpo says:

    My own attention was drawn to the NAO report does not itself draw attention to the amount of money held in PCC / force reserves, its focus is on other issues.

    In the NAO main report, on pg.41 there is a Table 14 showing the reserves, not by amount, rather as a percentage of total revenue 2013-2014.

    WMP is usually compared to a ‘family group’ of other metropolitan county forces (except the Met) and with Northumbria added IIRC.

    WMP has far greater reserves by a significant percentage.

    West Midlands 28
    West Yorkshire 20
    South Yorkshire 19
    Northumbria 12
    Greater Manchester 12
    Merseyside 15

    Yes having such reserves has enabled WMP to re-start recruiting and yet more reforms, known as WMP2020 and the refurbishment of its HQ, Lloyd House.

  2. Dave Telford says:

    Oh no, I am now retired and slightly agitated. This is where the Police is a Business equation is really shown up as a falsehood. Serving and retired staff know that not all that the Police do can be recorded into a specific category. Even the control room systems had a box that said “other” for incidents that failed to meet any type. This is where retired senior Officers sitting in the House of Lords, the National Federation and others of influence should have been campaigning. They should have teamed up with the National Audit Office sooner in order to help them understand the demand. They should have paid for adverts in daily newspapers to say that this is the reality. They certainly should have started saying we cannot do more with less a hell of a lot sooner than they did. The Home Secretary did show an own goal for the Police when they kept saying about the effect of the cuts. The Police should have shown an effect of the cuts, for example publishing how many 999 calls did not get attended within 12 minutes. Instead the books were cooked to save senior officers getting their backsides well and truly kicked. I remember being told as a Duty Officer, ” you have x amount of 999 calls outstanding. Why haven’t you set someone?” My reply was words to the effect that there was no one. OK, I had a look through and used my experience to see how serious they were. There was no way I was going to send my team from pillar to post at high speed and then divert them to somewhere else. They would never have got anywhere and got totally exhausted in the process.
    Sorry – rant over.

    • retiredandangry says:

      Rant away Dave. It’s only when experienced practioners have their say that someone might actually listen.

  1. June 19, 2015

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