Smoke & Mirrors Chief Constable Style

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  1. Oscar Blaketon says:

    A cynic might suggest that Police Reform hasn’t in anyway been an unmitigated disaster: if one were to change one’s point of reference, that is. Firstly, few would deny entirely the proposition that the pattern of so-called “reform” we’ve witnessed over the last seven years has borne the hallmark of a dark hand at work. If the intention of the dark hand was to test the resilience, or otherwise, of the service then we can be sure that its breaking point has now been established. It might not be in the public domain but only a fool would dismiss the suggestion that, if nothing else, the NPCC had had some very earnest discussions during the summer about national capabilities. Another major incident like Manchester Arena or London Bridge, or worse still, two on top of each other might well see the effective collapse of the service in England. Then, were some other resource-intensive incident to occur (a domestic-based active shooter might be a good example) and its outcome were ajudged to have been botched or compromised in some way as a result of the major incident abstractions then the government would have secured the golden goose – the basis of a thorough-going, ruthless Royal Commission on policing. And Lord alone knows what might come of any such enquiry but we can be sure that its unlikely to be good for the service, its heritage (by that I mean the public consent, Peelian model) or ultimately the public. And if you feel that you should dismiss this all as the addled meanderings of that cynic then where does the sense of foreboding many officers – and not just on the frontline – feel at present come from? Its as though everyone is holding their breath. And you can only do that for so long.

    • retiredandangry says:

      I stand admonished, you are, of course, correct. Not being a cynical person it hadn’t occurred to me to look at the issue from a different perspective. For the ‘dark hand’ Reform has indeed been a success, but I’m not sure that model is what the Public want or deserve.

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