Sir Tom Winsor

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4 Responses

  1. Gordon Elliott says:

    Tom Winsor is a person who has no knowledge of policing and yet he has the nerve to continually spout off on what police office do. If he spent a 12 weeks alone in his pretend police uniform on the streets patrolling on various shifts without back up being sent to all incidents. He would quickly find what police officers have to contend with. I put all the blame on Theresa May and himself for the low morale in the Police Service.

    • retiredandangry says:

      I’m sure he’s been fully briefed on the bigger picture, but I doubt he has any understanding of how the PEOPLE make an unworkable system work. It was his Reviews that set the ball rolling, he shouldn’t really be complaining now about the problems they have caused

  2. Glenn Tomlinson says:

    Thank you for providing such a clear explanation of Winsor’s involvement in policing. Your timeline clearly shows that Winsor’s latest ‘findings’ on what he describes as police failings completely ignore the facts, which considering his close involvement with the Tory government both before and in his current role as HMIC, is a damning omission. He is being disingenuous to suggest that any alleged police failings are simply those of an organisation not doing its job, as it simply ignores the ‘elephant in the room’ of the huge, unprecedented cuts to policing, with more to come, resulting in massive cuts to police officers and the resources at their disposal, at a time of increasing demand on police time and the existential threat posed to the security of the realm and its citizens. Then there is the strange tale of his ‘independent’ research and findings which ever so conveniently mirrored that of Cameron, as illustrated by the public record of Cameron’s speech some years earlier. Why would a member of a top law firm be brought in to do work this important and time consuming piece of work and not be remunerated for his time and expertise? Winsor didn’t accept a penny for that work. Maybe his ‘reward’ for this important piece of work was deferred to the some time later when he was appointed as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, with a salary in the region of £200k. What is remarkable is that the Tory government broke with the tried and tested model of appointing a former senior police officer with the stature, credibility, experience and understanding of the UK policing environment that is vital to carry out this role effectively. Instead they appointed a lawyer who had previously worked in the rail industry, and had carried out research into the pay and remuneration of police officers; somehow Winsor was considered suitable to undertake this role, despite a plethora of talent among senior police officers, such as Sir Hugh Orde. To say this was a sign of the government’s lack of interest or concern about policing is putting it mildly. Winsor’s reward for contributing to his patron, Home Secretary May’s, onslaught on policing was a knighthood; reward for the imposition of a gratuitous and onerous pay and remuneration package was the biggest kick in the teeth that each and ever serving police officer has had to endure. Winsor is a simply a puppet dancing to the tune of the puppeteer, Theresa May.

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