Seems Like A Reasonable Question To Me

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  1. Rufus says:

    Neighbouring Policing in my force has been decimated to the extent that literally somedays there no police officers on duty – just PCSOs driving round in liveried police vehicles. I try not to let it bother me and tell myself not to give a sh** but I joined to help the community (cliched I know) so it really gets me down. As much as PCSOs want to help I think it is conning the public having them driving around in police vehicles picking up more and more and more work to dump on the remaining cops that don’t have a union and don’t have the luxury of having a full meal break, going off on duty ir saying ‘that’s not my remit’. But its nothing new and seems to be a creeping, insidiuos trend to replace professionals with untrained staff wearing uniforms or volunteers. Paramedics are being replaced by healthcare assistants driving round in ambulances, uneducated teaching assistants replacing fully qualified teachers, healthcare assistants (or even porters!) replacing nurses, the army reserves being used to boost armed forces numbers…everything is done on the cheap with little or no regard to the safety or the well being of communities and the nation.

    • retiredandangry says:

      I agree with every sentiment, an awful situation to find ourselves in and the silent majority are totally unaware of the reality

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