Scandalous Reduction in Police Officer Numbers

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  1. Glenn Tomlinso says:

    Cutting a third of police forces at a time of increasing demand for police is pure folly. And remember that demand is more than just about crime – the police are often the agency of last resort when other services, such as social services and crisis mental health services are not available. The police, as we know, are always available. But how long will that proud epithet apply when policing itself is in a state of absolute breakdown and crisis. Not a result of any accident or set of unforeseen circumstances, but due to a deliberate and systematic policy perpetrated by this government, with the Prime Minister herself being the chief culpit who, when as Home Secretary, attacked both policing and the boys and girls who desperately trying to protect the public as part of a an increasingly parlous thin blue line. The elephant in the room is that performance related pay is just a sham born out of the latest iteration of Tory attempts to attack policing by laying the blame for the state of policing and the police on the victims of their mess, the police, rather than the real perpetrators of the crime: this Conservative Government.

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