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  1. Alan, this in reality has nothing to do with savings it is in fact about putting money into the pockets of shareholders and private companies. A percentage of every pound that is given to private companies to run public services goes to profit.

    This reduces the money actually being spent by that company to provide the service and so in the long term the service provided to the public gets worse.

    It may be in the quality of equipment used, people employed or the actual service provided but where ever the cost savings are made it has a knock on effect upon the quality of the product delivered to the public.

    A good current example of this is the fact that Physiotherapy provided by Virgin healthcare in one area is being restricted to 5 free sessions.

    Whichever way you look at this it is about a fundamental change in the way we provide for people in our society. A change that no one voted for and one that will not be reversed by whoever forms the next Government.

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