Project Athena – The (First) Update

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6 Responses

  1. Monty says:

    It’s commercially sensitive. That’s why they wont release the details

    • retiredandangry says:

      They have already released a figure of £32 Million over 10 years for 7 Forces, it follows that they can release the figure for 9 Forces, but I do expect them to wriggle. The question of Overtime costs can’t possibly be Commercially Sensitive, but it might be contentious.

      • Monty says:

        The amount of overtime will be commercially sensitive. It will show that Athena is not fit for purpose and is causing work for officers, not reducing.
        The software company will mot want that released and will bring pressure on the forces not to release. I suspect that solicitors are being consulted about whether the figures can be released

        • retiredandangry says:

          They’ve had the requests for a month and 7/9 have given themselves a 20 day extension. When I hear tales of taking 11 hours to complete a simple file then something is drastically wrong somewhere. It’s public money and they are now allegedly considering Commercial Sensitivity versus Public Interest and Transparency. I know where my bet sits.

  2. Monty says:

    Maybe the question to ask is « how many gold group meetings were held post-implementation? »

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