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  1. Glenn Tomlinson says:

    One figure that is missing and which is hugely relevant, are the numbers of civilian, so called ‘back office support’, who played a vital role in supporting police work. Their numbers of also been slashed but the work they did hasn’t gone away; if anything it has hugely increased over the past 10 years. This has led to police officers having to be redeployed to do vital support roles, which has previously released them to return to operational police work – such as being visibly out on the streets patrolling. Case Progression Units, for example, were a teams of civilians and some police officers that facilitated the completion of enquires thereby releasing the arresting officers to quickly resume patrolling; they were cut and so that work fell back to the arresting officers, leading to lengthy delays as they completed the copious enquiries and paperwork that even the simplest of cases demands these days. Or it has led to them being giving additional work loads that reduces the time they are able to be operational – ie out on patrol – as they sit in front of a computer completing the endless stream of paperwork and bureaucracy that is a further blocker to the police being able to be out on the streets, doing the job they and the public expect them to do.

  2. Jeff Piper says:

    And this is the result of such draconian cuts. A life cut short.

  3. Glenn Tomlinson says:

    Thanks for the update Alan. As always a well researched and astute piece that only an ‘insider’ or former-Met Officer can truly articulate; there’s just no substitute for the experience gained throughout a career in the Job – something politicians should keen in mind before they make their, often, ill-informed forays into policing or so called ‘reforms’ to policing which they inevitably lead to a further decline in the service that the Job is able to give to the public. No criticism from me about the sterling work undertaken by the author, Alan, here; as he tirelessly works to correct the lies and misinformation spread by those who have a responsibility to govern our society, about our depleted and demoralised Police; once the envy of the world.

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