Policing UK – The Analogy

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  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    It is not an accident it is by design. We see it as as reckless but they see it as their intended outcome. They want to see the destruction of the Police Service as an independent entity. They want an end to the division of power and want to control the Police. I live in a country and have previously lived in countries that are controlled by the ruling political party. It is not a route we should be going along. It destroys the impartiality of the Police Service but that is exactly what they want. Soon what is left of the Police will not act within the law it will act on the directions of politicians. The majority of our current police responsibilities will be in the hands of private companies and those who can afford to pay will get a police service and those who can’t won’t. Policing in general will be directed by CEO’s and shareholders. The Police will no longer act with impartiality or in the interest of the public. Any police officer who objects (be they a PC or a CC) will be replaced by someone who will be more accommodating to their political masters!

  1. September 4, 2015

    […] it occurred to me this morning, while munching on my CocoPops (I don't do muesli), just exactly what is happening to British Policing in the name of Reform. Take the instance of a brave Gladiator, …  […]

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