Policing Experience – Is There Another Crisis Waiting To Happen?

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  1. J.E. Coulter says:

    I posted a reply to this however trying to watch a baseball game and doing this at the same time caused me to post it under the post “Open Letter to the PCC for West Mercia. I spout off about something in another country, then screw it all up. Could this be fixed? I hope so. Apologies to everyone.

    • RetiredAndAngry says:

      Original response from JE Coulter, originally posted elsewhere

      I hate to impose in the business of another nation. I’m afraid it will be taken the wrong way but I bleed blue. I won’t opine decisions made but I just wanted to concur with your statements. I took several college classes while I was in the USAF and in one in particular (I recall from 23 years ago). From 0-4 years you really don’t have a total knowledge of the job. From 04-06 years you have the knowledge and enter the “Rambo” stage where you’re likely to abuse people verbally or physically and develop bad stress management methods (I did). From 06-15 years (if you don’t get fired or prosecuted for all the ignorance earlier) you’re know at the peak of your effectiveness. You can handle anything thrown at you IF you were attentive and effective from 0-6 years. From 15-20 years you’re a mentor, if you’ve been effective thus far leadership should develop your ability to train or supervise but you’ve reached the limit of caring about people in general, you really only care about your own kind. Past twenty years you supervise and become increasingly bitter and basically make as far as your body and mind will take you.

      Years later I heard the same thing in supervisor development training, this time it came from a 28 year Trooper who was teaching the class. He learned from watching and learning for 28 years.

      Police work is such a unique job that simply putting a body in a uniform will not work. To begin with throwing those youngsters out to the wolves will result in resignations galore and departments won’t get through the lean years waiting for them to develop because there won’t be enough who get through the 0-6 period. I believe it will be worse than you predict due to this. It seems no one understands the HUMAN element of this job anymore.

      In so many ways my former department is in the same boat which is why all of this stuff was at the top of my mind. Former colleagues have been crying the blues to me so all of this was relevant across the Atlantic and into the coal fields of West Virginia.

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