Policemen (& Women) Don’t Prevent Crime

Policemen (& Women) Don’t Prevent Crime

Last Updated on October 29, 2015 by RetiredAndAngry

So says Sara Thornton, top Johnny at the National Police Chiefs Council.

Well I’m not going to take up much of your time today, just a little bit longer than it takes to say “Bollocks”.

What I will concede is that it isn’t easy to quantify the amount of crime that a Police Officer prevents by their presence.

No fool, well not many, anyway, will commit a crime in the presence or vicinity of a Police Officer, so it is absolutely impossible to categorically state that a Police Officer on patrol does not prevent any crime.  Their are no records of what crime would have been committed if a Police Officer had not passed by.

What is far more likely is a weak, pathetic attempt by Ms Thornton to justify cutting Police patrols.  Let’s be honest, Theresa May and her colleagues are responsible for these reckless, totally foolhardy cuts. Stop making excuses for her, get on the same hymn sheet as most folk, and simply tell it like it is.  I assure you, I’m not the only person in the country that wants people in power/authority too tell the simple, unbridled TRUTH.

So, Police Officers don’t prevent crime? Once again, because I can, I say Bollocks, one of my late Father’s favourite words, you wouldn’t want to hear the rest.

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  1. So why then for years were the Chiefs banging on about ‘visibility’? If it was so vital then why is it suddenly so unimportant now?

  2. Of COURSE Policemen & women prevent crime!
    They also COMMIT a lot of crime.
    (Not sure which outweighs the other!)

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