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Police Uplift Programme – The Resignations

Last updated on October 17th, 2023 at 07:19 pm

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I am grateful (just for once) to the National Police Chiefs Council for publishing some data on the Police Uplift Programme. After some hotly debated data published by somebody else they have finally acquiesced and published, what they claim, are the correct figures.

Hmmm I remain to be convinced on that one, more later.

There is a full, official, version published in Police Oracle, but I’m aware that not everybody has access to that, so I’ll do my best not to infringe any copyright issues here.

Many Forces are reporting difficulties in holding on to the officers that are being recruited under the Police Uplift Programme, indeed the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire reports that one left after a mere 3 days.

I have taken the figures offered up by NPCC and put them into chart form showing the best and worst attrition rates, together with the overall average for England and Wales.

Police Uplift Programme - The Resignations
Fig 1

The majority are performing very close to the average. Cumbria amd North Wales seem to be doing measurably better, but the dozen or so on the left hand side of the chart definitely do seem to have problems holding on to their recruits. No reasons for this are offered or suggested.

The basic problem I have with these stats is that they don’t make sense to me, or maybe I’m just being thick, but I did at least get O Level Maths.

I fully accept that data releases always lag behind reality, but the December 2021 Police Uplift Programme progress update claimed that there were 11,048 additional officers in England and Wales as a direct result of PUP. 11,048.

The NPCC figures claim that 28,173 had been recruited, of which 9.1% (2,567) had resigned during their probation.

28,173-2,567, according to my abacus, is 25,606.


Something isn’t right somewhere, maybe I’ve missed a point somewhere, but I can’t reconcile the two sets of figures. Maybe the NPCC or Home Office will kindly tell me what I’ve got wrong.


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  1. Puzzled

    If this data is truly public why is it only released to a website that needs subscription? Answers on a stamp please.

    • RetiredAndAngry

      To be fair, I don’t know. I don’t know if it is still possible, but it used to be possible to get restricted access to Police Oracle with a free subscription. However, becuse it sits behind a paywall for most people is the very reason that I wrote this post.

    • RetiredAndAngry

      Additionally, as PUP is publicly funded I agree that the Public should be able to assess how effectively their money is being spent.

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