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Police Uplift Programme – Now I’m REALLY Confused

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Last updated on July 13th, 2023 at 09:00 pm

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A short while ago I wrote a post about how I couldn’t take the Police Uplift Programme seriously. As a result of not being able to take it seriously I sent an FOIA request to the National Police Chiefs Council.

You may recall that the National Police Chiefs Council has previously released a set of statistics on recruitment that just did not seem to make any sense at all. People who are far more academic than I could not make any sense of them either.

Well, it’s possible they may have done so again. More on that later.

The questions I asked were these

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act could you please tell me how many of the recruits under the Police Uplift Programme joined under each of the following routes?

  • Route 1. A three-year Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship, leading to a BSc (Hons) in Professional Policing Practice.
  • Route 2. A two-year postgraduate Degree Holder Entry Programme, leading to a Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice
  • Route 3. A pre-join undergraduate Professional Policing Degree – a three or four year university course completed before applying to join the police service.

We know from previous publications that The Police Uplift Programme claims to have recruited 11,804 officers by the end of December 2021. Latest figures brought up to date at the end of March 2022 put that figure at 13,576.

In my request I specified 31st March 2022 as the cut off date for my request.

Their response was this;

  • Route 1 – Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship – 10,339
  • Route 2 –DHEP – 5,699 (DC DHEP) – 2,363
  • Route 3 – Pre-Join Professional Policing Degree – 135

Which makes a grand total of 16,173 if my riffmatic is correct.

So, already we have an anomaly. Then on Page 2 of my response, as a gesture of goodwill (thank you NPCC) they enclosed the following chart

Police Uplift Programme
TOTAL Joiners by Entry Route Courtesy of NPCC

Now that has confused me. My abacus makes that 30,489 in total. Granted it does contain the Police Now recruits, not included above, but they only account for less than 1,500. It gives a bit of clarity to their answer of Part II of my question, that DC DHEP is additional and not part of the total, but again we’re still a few thousand short of the total.

The thing that sticks out a mile is that the chart inludes one large group not included in their actual response, IPLDP, or the old-fashioned, traditional, entry route which the College stated was being phased out.

Maybe the,almost, 12,000 IPLDP recruits were recruited under the Policing Precept and not forming part of the PUP stats? Reasonable assumption.

Except that the latest Police Uplift Programme clearly states that only 497 further officers have been recruited using “other funding streams”such as the precept.

The NPCC figures for the three Graduate/Apprenticeship routes of entry already exceed the PUP total, so it can’t be that.

The only suggestion that makes any kind of sense to me is that the PUP have already admitted that they have had to recruit 31,006 officers to achieve their ‘uplift’ of 13,576 (31 March 2022) so maybe that’s the kind of calculation the NPCC have adopted but they still don’t marry up. If you deduct one from the other it still doesn’t marry up with Police Now contribution or the recruits under the Precept to explain the difference.

What I obviously need is an academic to explain it all to me, until then I shall continue to be confused.

The one thing that I did find amusing out of all this however, is that the single most popular route of entry was IPLDP which was supposedly being phased out and not fit for purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Police Uplift Programme – Now I’m REALLY Confused”

  1. Interesting. It’s all such a mess and unnecessary. Why make it this complicated with so many different entry routes? And guess the old route is still the most effective which is embarrassing for the powers that be. I’m not opposed to the degree or post grad routes as such, but they should not be the main or only entry routes as that will be disastrous for recruitment and retention. A sorry state of affairs. Like your detailed research/analysis as usual.

    1. Thank you Bill, that’s my main point really. It doesn’t have to be this confusing, anybody should be able to look at the figures and see what’s going on. As for entry routes, there has always been a place for graduates in Policing but I’m not convinced the College’s policy is the best way forwards.

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