PENETRATION – Fact, Fiction or Theory.

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  1. ideb8 says:

    But who needs Putin/Isis if those paying the (mainly) Tory piper are the vultures waiting in the wings to pick up the battered pieces for a song?

    Logic surely dictates that the same corporate funders of the Tory party & their ‘charity'(tax-avoiding) thinktanks who, through their ‘minimal state’ ideology, have penetrated, infiltrated & corrupted our democracy, demolished our public sector, weakened the protections of the vulnerable, restricted justice for the poor & who have already profited from privatisations & inexplicably lenient contracts (while pushing for more via TTIP), it’s these same corporate forces, unaccountable to any one country, in league with their ‘creatures’ in our establishment (such as the ‘respected’ Malcolm Rifkind & even Jack Straw..) – the many who accept pieces of eight or lucrative job offers, thus abandoning the interests of their electorate with shameful alacrity – who are the pincer enemies without & within.

    The pieces lie shivering, unprotected from this pincer movement & impoverished by those we pay to safeguard them, who form its internal claw.

    The vultures circle, the external claw, waiting to be offered the spoils – on a plate (little need now even to compete).

    Our much-‘honoured’ establishment casually kowtow like poodles, despite a shallow show of protest against loss of sovereignty to Europe. How ironic when they sell ours for such a song.

    If we allow them in May to blow it all, they’ll still drone on, their ‘pincer’ song becoming a dirge as they whistle it through forked brown tongues..

  2. ideb8 says:

    Yes, I suspect pinches of salt should be taken when PR tanks roll into Heathrow but we’ll be in a really serious pickle after May from our home-grown political terrorists.

    Unfortunately they’re not picked up by Customs returning to Westminster because they’ll have been careful not to be spotted leaving the country. If only they & their funders would though..

  3. soontobegone says:

    We have already been infiltrated long ago by the self serving “establishment”.
    We have a long line of public school educated, poor quality, no life experience wasters who were not clever enough to earn a living as lawyers so became politicians. There is no hope of that changing any time soon.

  4. ideb8 says:

    Yes but they are outnumbered by others who may still be able to prune this establishment, as long as sufficient democracy for this purpose remains.

    And as long as enough people see through the specious PR used to nudge us into compliance or apathy, democratic change could surely sweep all before it, particularly when accelerated by social media.

    Whether sympathetic to the Greens, UKIP, the SNP, LibDems or even Russell Brand, the increasing support for alternatives hopefully indicates long-developing political rumblings which could still grow sufficiently to shake whole orchards of well-established rotten apples.

    (Tell us it’s true, God. Or if you’re untrue, just show us it’s true instead. Either way, please don’t wait beyond May. Please..)

  1. April 1, 2015

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