One Good Way To Reduce Your Establishment……..

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  1. steveb1960 says:

    Alan, one of the reasons I believe that Warwickshire have gone down this path is that the cuts they have made have reduced their ability to investigate crime leading to the very low detection rate of 18%.

    They barely have enough officers left to deal with the day to day response issues and so unless a crime is instantly solvable it is not properly investigated – how else do you get such a low detection rate? In an effort to redress this they are trying to employ civilian investigators (probably retired cops) to boost the detection rate back to something acceptable.

    Warwickshire had somewhere around a 1000 officers and will have just over 800 by the time the cuts are complete although one report suggests 670. This in my opinion means that every lost officer has a greater impact than you would find in the larger forces where it is perhaps slightly easier to absorb a similar drop in numbers?

    What I think is becoming clear from this and what has happened in Devon and Cornwall for example where they do not investigate 40% of crime reported to them is that the crude 20% cuts across the board has a disproportionate effect upon smaller forces.

    No account has been taken of the threshold in terms of minimum staff levels below which a force cannot adequately function and serve the public.

    • I don’t know what the level is Steve, but I do know there comes a point when HMIC will deem a Force Not Fit For Purpose, I think they did it with Derbyshire a few years ago. Interesting times my friend

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