Oh Please Theresa, Just Show Some Originality

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5 Responses

  1. soontobegone says:

    Just wait till the volunteers start seeing the job for what it is. How the pressure builds when the demand increases and it will increase, when they are expected to do more and it starts to affect their full time job or home life. For no pay!
    Then when they make a mistake or start getting complaints, then they will be off quicker than Usaine Bolt.

    This at the same time the Met say they may get rid of all pcsos. Incredible!
    May should be thoroughly ashamed.

    • Alan says:

      Absolutely incomprehensible, surely she can’t be so stupid that she can’t see what will happen…………oh yes, G4$ and $erco will step in

  2. Jeff Piper says:

    Glad to see she mentions working with Traffic Wardens. TheHome Office are phasing them out and at the moment there are only 18 in the country.


  3. Gordon Williamson says:

    I have also worked with some very good Specials but as you say it is at their convenience and never saw any that had the capacity to perform regular shifts. With the current cuts that what they would have to do and it would surely impact on their regular paying jobs. As for using those with specialist knowledge such as IT as part of an investigation, that’s a tall order. Having taken part in many investigations as part of an AMIT I know that investigations are intensive and time consuming and it could not be expected that a volunteer would be able to attend for weeks possibly months on end doing 12hr days or more. If they could not and only attended now and again their work would fall being others on the investigation and thus the investigation would be impacted to the detriment. Not to mentioned security and discipline! We have used specialist before, many times we used to call them consultants they were tried, proven and paid for their skills.

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