My Crystal Balls Could Use A Little Polishing

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4 Responses

  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    Alan I don’t think you were too far off the mark, it’s just the Govt. did not predict the appalling mess that G4$ would make of the Olympic Security.
    So now they have had to rethink on how to implement their strategy. The Police and all other Public Sector will be cut and greater privatisation will happen.
    We all know it is utter foley and you are right the damage done may be irreparable, they simply do not care about the dedication and sacrifice of those who daily go about their duty and face whatever dangers come their way.
    Their policy of cuts will only create greater risk for the officers who patrol our streets and for the public who depend upon them.
    We are not alone all public sector and armed services face the same scathing cuts and it will change our society for the worse.

    • Alan says:

      It definitely bothers me that the risk to patrolling officers is getting worse, apart from the obvious increase the govt are making it doubly risky with their cuts then go on TV and pretend to care. I don’t suppose anybody was taken in by that

  2. soontobegone says:

    No disrespect but why would the gov take any notice of you or anyone else’s blog. The trouble is these venues are frequented by people who have a professional interest in the subjects and talk too much bloody sense.
    The government don’t want to draw attention to that.

    What is shameful is that there are people in powerful positions that could have and should have but remained silent or didn’t do enough. Unforgivable!

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