More Smoke And Mirrors

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  1. Trevor Perks says:

    Stop and Search powers, used lawfully and properly, are one of the basic tools in street policing. I once used the following grounds:

    Robbery committed in the near vicinity by a white male, mid 20s, carrying a knife, wearing an England football shirt

    to stop and search a white male, mid 20s, wearing a jacket over a football shirt with a red, white and blue collar (which turned out to be a Singapore football shirt), half a mile away from the robbery venue. He wasn’t the robber, nor did he have a knife. But he did have 50 ecstasy tablets in his jacket pocket.

    Do the public really not want this kind of policing to be done in their neighbourhoods?

    • RetiredAndAngry says:

      I personally think that the majority of the population understand and accept it. Then there are those whipped up by the likes of Lee Jasper with their own agendas, and they’re the ones that are most vocal

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