More College Smoke And Mirrors?

More College Smoke And Mirrors?

Last Updated on January 15, 2020 by RetiredAndAngry

A recent set of College of Policing Board minutes makes the bold claim that the Police Service will be recruiting 53,000 new officers over a three year period.

This presumably includes Boris’ famous 20,000 officers.

My problem is this, since 2005 (at least) the Police Service has never recruited more than 10,000 new officers in a single year. After 10 years of #Cuts, where the hell are the facilties for training all these officers? How good will their training actually be? Can we actually attract 53,000 new recruits, especially given Graduate and Apprenticeship Entry looming?

Para 4.2 of the attached minutes makes this bold claim, but does anyone actually believe it?

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  1. Just have many of those named are or have had real life police service experience?

    Why is KPMG even involved?

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