Mixed Messages From @NPCC, @Police_Now @MetropolitanPolice and @CollegeOfPolicing?

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5 Responses

  1. Matt_the_Mac says:

    1. The PEQF has already recognised police professionalism by stating officers work at Level 6 and above.
    2. Police Now will potentially disappear once degree entry is implemented, but the whole idea is targeting uni leavers.
    3. Special to DC route is a full time warranted role. They must pass the NIE exam prior to employment and after an operational rotation they will start their careers as TDCs.
    4. The DE DC is an attempt to explore alternative routes into CID and trying to bolster diminishing numbers.

    What would you suggest as an alternative for entry to PC and feasible solutions to the national DC shortage?

    • retiredandangry says:

      Thank you for that clarification, most welcome.

      IMHO the national shortage of detectives is directly attributable to the increased stress levels in the role brought about by ‘the cuts’. Competing demands have seemingly resulted in shortages in every department, increased workloads and increased stress. The role of the Detective, it seems, no longer has the same attractions that it once had. In short, I blame May and Winsor for this situation, but suggestions to improve it? Too late now I fear

  2. Soontobegone says:

    I would like to know what makes them think that degree students would want to join the police. I agree there needs to be standards but they dropped standards back in the 90s to attract more applicants, what’s changed. Are people suddenly falling over themselves to join up. I doubt that, especially after all the bad publicity and unprecedented low police morale in modern times. Who wants to jump on a sinking ship.

    Why not have an entrance examination that anyone from any walk of life can take, degree or not. Pass you are in. The grade/level of marks gained may direct the best candidates towards high rank/ accelerated promotion.
    Or is it because students will be expected to pay tuition fees. I wonder ?

  3. Rufus says:

    It is a total mess. Various routes in for different roles and, in some cases, you need to put in time in as a Special? What about really bright folk who may have a First Class degree in Physics from Cambridge. Will they need to be a Special? Will they also need to do a ‘conversion’ course to transform their hard earned degree into a ‘Policing Studies’ degree?! Pass a detectives exam too? Don’t forget all this hard work and sacrifice is for a job with the new starting salary of £19,000! Why not join as a PCSO? They have unions and are paid better and don’t have the same accountability. Nursing has suffered because of applicants needing a degree and that pathway is much more straight forward than what the CoP is suggesting. The government is going to have to decide if they want a decently paid professionally qualified work force or a poorly paid workforce on temporary contracts with a quick turnover that leave when a better opportunity at Greggs beckons. No one in their right mind with higher qualifications would join the police now with the constant attacks on conditions, reduced budgets and staff yet higher expectations, and accountability, public misconduct hearings, a hostile media wtc. Lunacy!

    • retiredandangry says:

      I don’t see any problem whatsoever with devising a curriculum around Probation that can be converted into a degree upon Confirmation. The probationary period can be extended if appropriate, but surely that would satisfy everybody with much less drama

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