#MackeyGate Rumbles On

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8 Responses

  1. Denise Bowles says:

    I am appalled by this so called high ranking police officer, he wants stripping of his knighthood, dismissing from the Metropolitan Police without Pension, he neglected his duty as a Constable, and failed to assist one of his own officers, when he needed help. Disgusted beyond words!!!!

  2. Deanoman says:

    The living epitome of the state of The Police Service today. With ‘leader’s like him is it any wonder The Cops are a national laughing stock !!

  3. graham parish says:

    The man is not worthy of the rank of constable amongst all the other offences he committed both morally and legal he has brought the police into disrepute and endorsed the publics view of Police incompetency .

  4. Dave Telford says:

    I have started a petition to have his lack of action investigated. I would be grateful if you would share the link. Thank you. https://www.change.org/p/sadiq-khan-the-investigation-or-resignation-of-craig-mackey-deputy-commissioner-met-police

  5. Val says:

    He is not worthy to wear the uniform. He is a coward, he knows it, everyone knows it. “First instinct” was to get out of the car? If that was true he would have been out of the car before he had time to think. His first instinct was to look after himself. On a slightly different note, as he was Acting Commissioner at the time, in, presumably, an official car, why didn’t the vehicle have a radio? No communication? Is he asking us to believe that neither he nor the 3 other people in that car had a mobile phone?

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