#Justice4PCPatrick–The Update

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  1. ideb8 says:

    Early days but fantastic progress by Alan and Sharon! May the ball soon start a little roll..

    Many people are contributing, contacting and working quietly to help. None of us I think is aware of what many others are hatching or the long hours they are contributing.

    Thanks in particular should also go to [name removed by request] who laid the groundwork behind the scenes for contact with Baroness Jenny Jones and her positive response.

    Thank you to all donors to date,

    If other donors are happy for their messages, or a new message, of support to be made public, please contact Alan (or email help4James@yahoo.co.uk).to confirm.

  1. April 26, 2014

    […] As many of you will know Friday saw a small campaign launched, designed to raise the profile of James Patrick’s concerns about his treatment by the Met. Within a very short space of time I managed …  […]

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