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  1. Perhaps what we actually need are fewer criminals?

  2. 72joiner says:

    Mr Garside was corrected and now acknowledges the reduction in Police numbers he anticipated (15000) would take the numbers down to those of 1979/80. Unlike him I was a Police Officer in central London at that time. 25 to 35 hours overtime a week was the norm. All the officers on my team with more than 5 years service were divorced or separated. Community relations in many places were a disaster. It is not a good aspiration to hanker back to those days. Believe it or not things are better now.

    • retiredandangry says:

      I too remember the days of 100+ hours overtime every month plus compulsory Worked Rest Days. You are right when you refer to the high number of separations and divorces, and I’m quite sure that it is lower now. I remain to be convinced that everything is ‘better’ now though

  3. jaded48 says:

    All this proves is that the governments brain-washing of the public is working. Read the Daily Mail every day-very sad I know-and the anti-police stories generate huge numbers of comments which mainly agree with the editor.

  1. June 4, 2015

    […] If ever I needed proof that the government have succeeded in hoodwinking the great British Public it was served up in abundance on last night's BBC1. One Show. Firstly we had Richard Garside f…  […]

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