It’s Not All Guinness and Skittles

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  1. Ex-Skip says:

    Shameful way to treated ! I recall a National Day of Action 20 yrs ago ? They called it ‘Blue Flu’. A huge number of them called in sick en mass on one paticular day. I can’t re-call if they got what they wanted as a result. But they sound more militant & not adverse to ‘taking positive action’ in order to protect their rights than UK Plod.

    • The answer is that 80-85% of the Gardai phoned in sick on the same day and within weeks had been given an improved deal

      • Ex-Skip says:

        Sorry for the spelling in my original post ! I was in a hurry. Yes, i recall that now ..a huge number of The Gardai phoning in sick , and Superintendents manning response vehicles & Panda’s along with The Army dealing with Everyday policing Issues. They made their point for ONE DAY. PFEW need to make a point too …….. can you imagine ONE day in England & Wales with 80 % less Police on duty in any of the 43 Police Services ? Chaos ……… And maybe then the Government would wake up …………

        Not an easy option, but PFEW need to exercise greater militancy. Times have changed.

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