It’s Going To Be A Busy Old Week

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  1. ideb8 says:

    ..but surely, police staffing levels are to crime what A&E departments are to patients?

    Just as patients are clearly disappearing (see Potter’s cloak, p93 – Ed), allowing more and more A&E departments to close with little fuss or bother, so crime is also disappearing – in puffs of smoke – allowing police numbers to dwindle without trace or consequence ..or end.

    You might as well deny patient numbers are plummeting! Are you Potty?

  2. Once a Cop says:

    Now twenty years ago police reform was a big issue across cities in the USA (all pre-Bratton). One of the options was to have warranted police officers in roles where the use of physical force was required. All other roles were filled by civilian staff, sometimes in uniform when in public roles.

    When you note forces like Warwickshire and West Mercia have recruited ex-officers as ‘police staff investigators’ without any power of arrest. Bedfordshire via the current TV documentary indicates prisoner handling for minor crimes is handled by investigators (without previous police experience). I am sure there are other examples.

    Is the rumoured Home Office document with 80,000 officers based on calculating those who actually use physical force?

    In a specialist role, such as counter-terrorism, as few as 10-15% use physical force.

  3. jaded48 says:

    Overtime? The word is familiar but I can’t place it…………….the odd Bank Holiday and that’s about it. Funnily enough when it’s double time the need for minimum strength goes out of the window as well.

  4. ideb8 says:

    It’s quite clear that only a few more friendly summer riots might suffice to bring some people’s wallets out on the streets too, to refute Tory claims that police cuts lead to fewer knife ones & to show that voters will eventually care enough to pay for more, not fewer, police rounds..

    • We all know that the official stats are flawed. The population is rising, demand on Police resources is rising and the Bunch of Muppets respond by slashing Police resources beyond the bone. In whose world does this begin to make sense? Too many aspects of Policing require PEOPLE not technology.

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