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4 Responses

  1. Cate Moore says:

    Hi Alan, I always enjoy your blogs, as you know. I’d have replied via Twitter but I was forced to block a circle of people to avoid the concerted bullying I had increasingly come under for weeks. You are not a bully. You have never even been rude to me yet I was forced to include you in the accounts I had to block due to the manipulation and underhand behaviour of someone in a very senior position. Your link with that person is only that you are both retired Met Officers. I am saying this here because I think it’s pertinent to the issue regarding ex job PCCs. Being ex job myself (& named in the offending blog!) I wouldn’t advocate a ban on people like us standing. There are some notably successful ex job PCCs. However, a concerted effort to present a group of people as independent is underhand and immediately belies the ‘telling the truth’ tag. It has serious ramifications for the APCC and local independence. I agree, perhaps no more than any Political Party, but say what it is & be open, if this is what people want.

    I think it’s good to talk & good to hear different views, especially those grossly divergent from our own. I’m sad that some in positions of power behave in such a way as to make that almost impossible. And as my experience of this is with an ex job PCC and an ex job DPCC, (& his son masquerading as an interested party), I see some of the points made in Rachel Roger’s blog.

    Last PCC election I disagreed with much of what Rachel said. We learned from each other and both of us changed our views on occasions. I’d like to see more of that rather then this entrenched attitude refusing to accept other views. So from 1 ex job non PCC candidate to another, nice blog.

    • Alan says:

      Thank you Cate, I have always accepted that others may hold different views to mine, and that if I wish to express my views then I must also acknowledge that others have the right to do the same. As for the PCC& DPCC to whom you refer I have no influence over what they do or say so I am somewhat bemused why I got included in it, but hey ho, I’ll survive. I don’t think my views on this subject are extreme but I do acknowledge that there are others who hold contrary views, and that is fair enough, but reasoned debate is always preferable to mud slinging.

  2. 72joiner says:

    Vetting for police officers interests me. Would the Prime Minister pass vetting for the police, or would known previous association with criminals exclude him. Would the business interests of the Home Secretary’s husband preclude her from being a Police Constable. The chair of the Home Affairs select committee has a conduct finding against him which would appear to preclude his appointment as a Police Officer. The required ethical standards for members of both houses of parliament are considerably lower than that expected of the lowest ranking police officers.

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