I’m Glad Our Press Are So Perfect

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  1. 72Joiner says:

    I watched the coverage on the BBC of this incident. the quality of the reporting was awful.
    The policy of having those on the ground do the commentary even though they are nowhere near the scene, have no knowledge of the subject matter and do not know what is going on is ridiculous. It was often the case that one could see images that totally disagreed with what the reporters were saying.
    There was obviously clear and effective communication between the two teams of specialist officers. I know our system of policing in France is very different but it should have been clear to the BBC that RAID from the Police and GIGR from the Gendarmerie two totally separate organisations were well equipped and trained.
    The BBC should apologise to the RAID, as the reporting clearly suggested time after time that the intervention in Porte de Vincennes led to the deaths of the hostages, It was absolutely clear from very early on that those victims were murdered very early on by the scum who invaded that shop. RAID did a brave and professional job in ‘neutralising’ the murderer and freeing the hostages.
    I am not sure that Britain has the appropriate level of resources to mount a similar operation.

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