I’ll Do It–I’ll Stick My Head Above The Parapet

I’m the one, I admit it. I don’t know the difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims.  I did not know the difference when I was a serving officer, I do not know the difference now and I’m not actually sure that I really need to know.

When I went to live in France I learnt the French language, educated myself on the Cathars (relevant to that part of France I lived in), French culture and practices, because I felt that it was right to do so.  I did not expect my neighbours to converse with me in English and was quite happy to be the ‘Token Protestant’ in  a largely Catholic community.

Nobody went out of their way to learn about the Anglican Church just because they had Mr and Mrs Angry as their new neighbours, nor did I expect them to.

So where exactly do we get off being expected to be experts in every single aspect of the Muslim religion?

When I go to live in Iraq or Syria I’ll do some homework and find out about it.

In between time retired ‘senior’ officers like Dal Babu can keep his mouth firmly shut.

IF it is deemed necessary that today’s Police Service becomes fluent in the ways of Shia, Sunni and any other brand of Muslim then I would expect the Police Service, with it’s dwindling resources, to fully train its officers on absolutely everything they need to know.  As a , now, outsider, I don’t actually see that need, but I may be wrong.

I read this morning that the parents of the three teenage girls who absconded to Syria to become Jihadi Brides, or whatever, are now waiting for the Metropolitan Police to apologise to them.  APOLOGISE?  WTF For? Did we put the idea into their heads?  Did we steal one girl’s sister’s passport so that seemed older than she is?  Did we drive them to the airport and put them on a plane? I’m guessing that the answer to all of the above is a resounding NO, so I certainly don’t see the need for an apology for anything.

Many people, more intelligent than I, have campaigned across the years for the Police Service to have a higher concentration of Muslim Officers, various percentages have been quoted, but all of these learned people seem to agree that the Police needs more.

For this failing I would like to apologise.

Last time I checked for anyone, regardless of religion etc, to join one of our 43 Police Forces across England and Wales it was necessary to actually APPLY to join.  It seems that a large number must have applied and had their applications totally ignored or lost in the post.  We have Muslim officers in the Police, we some very good ones, but if the learned politicians and retired ‘senior’ officers want more then they need to persuade more to apply to join. I’m sure they are not being declined by reason of religion or none of them would get in.  I have worked alongside Muslim officers with no problems at all, they’ve got stuck in and done their job as required, but as far as I know it’s not yet COMPULSORY for any sector of society to join the Police.

I’d like to make another apology while I’m here.  I’m TRULY sorry if any of the above offends my Muslim ‘followers’ etc, it is most certainly not intended to, but I do take extreme issue with the likes of Dal Babu seeking to blame everybody and stir things up.  We don’t need it.  I have an issue with Babu in the same way that I have an issue with Camoron, Cruella and Gollum, not because of their religion or the colour of their skin but because they are twats in my opinion.

Having finished apologising for the apologisers I don’t expect my serving colleagues to comment, and if I find that all my ‘followers’ are prompted to ‘unfollow’ by my outrage then I’ll retire gracefully and go and live in Eastbourne, until then, if the Press absolutely MUST devote some column inches to the ravings of Dal Babu, then maybe they could devote an equal number of column inches to the Police Service for their Right To Reply.  Peter Fahy’s response took up much less space than Dal Babu’s ‘toxic’ rants.

à bientôt

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7 comments on “I’ll Do It–I’ll Stick My Head Above The Parapet

  1. Re. ‘the difference between Shia &Sunni: For once I agree with you. As for the ‘Three Girls’ going to be Jihadi Brides. Far from stopping them, we ought to be pleased to pay their fares!Norman Scarth Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 12:49:31 +0000 To: againstcorruption@hotmail.co.uk

      • Dal Babu said only that a particular anti terrorism programme was not working. He said it was not working because those paid to implement did not understand the problem.
        When I was a drug squad cop I knew about drugs, I knew the difference between Heroin and Cocaine, their effects who were likely buyers, what the prices were, where I would find the dealers, I knew my subject.
        If you are an anti terrorist officer charged with preventing extreme Islamic terrorism related offences it helps to know what you are talking about.
        Not knowing the difference between Shia and Sunni for a modern anti terrorism officer is akin to a 1970 SB officer not knowing the difference between Irish Catholic extremist and Irish Protestant extremist. It is a very basic level of knowledge for a specialist.
        Training is a necessity, and cuts have consequences, poor training is one of those consequences.

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