I Seem To Be Errrrm……..Confused

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  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    Alan, not one to be too sympathetic towards Hogan-Howe as I have often felt he has done little to defend honest hardworking Police Officers and all too quick to fall in line with the whims of our political leadership.
    He has however made a few statements recently that might suggest he might have found some back bone and perhaps decided to exercise some moral courage.
    The Police in recent times have had to suffer a number of fools masquerading as Senior Police Officers but worse than that we have had successive governments who have involved themselves in cheap political theatrics to the detriment of the Great British Public and to all Public Services. The Police Service as a whole has borne the brunt of numerous lunatic policies and changes of policy in blatant electioneering ploys that often benefit no one but themselves.
    With only a few exceptions our Senior Management remained silent. HMIC has been reduced to little more than an organisation to rubber stamp and enforce government policies rather than to encourage and support policing excellence.
    Without doubt Hogan-Howe has encouraged the Metropolitan Police to investigate in accordance with the whim of Mr. Winsor but I feel sure that Mr. Winsor will not be rushing to Mr. Hogan-Howes defence and accepting some responsibility.
    It is perhaps a lesson to be learnt by all our Senior Management that you are as expendable as the lowliest Constable in this political game and it is probably better to conduct yourselves with honour, integrity and earn the respect of your officers and the public rather than rather than being a political lackey.

  2. Gordon Williamson says:

    I noticed that Mr. Cameron when asked about the tenure of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, he referred to him as “Hogan-Howe” and not Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe or by his Rank which I thought a little disrespectful.
    I know we tend to be somewhat irreverent when we discuss these people but it it hardly good form for the Prime Minister in an official statement. Perhaps it indicates that the Commissioner is not towing the political line as well as they would like and is no longer in favour.
    But then many amongst the rank and file openly said he was not the best choice at the time but he did not promote himself others are responsible for that! I am sure they will not assume responsibility!
    I’m sure Sir Bernard is finding his Ivory Tower is a lonely place and I do feel some sympathy for him.

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