I Heard a Rumour, And I Didn’t Like It One Bit

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  1. Keira Cunningham says:

    I can’t confirm that rumour Alan but it wouldn’t suprise me. Whichever governemnt or coalition get in in the next parliament they will have to bring in another round of cuts of at least if not more than the last round i.e billions.

    What has been noticeable is that certain departments and interest groups have been jockeying and lobbying to make sure that they get ring fenced (lik the NHS) and therefore are almost (key word) protected.

    I noticed this from your blog about the armed services recently. What has been clear is that they have been actively lobbying to get themselves ringfenced.

    Increasingly it is looking like the unprotected areas will include Local Authorities and the Police.

    What’s been absent in this parliament has been effective lobbying by the Police Federation – while they seem to have been far more interested in backing lesser causes (the Mitchell case) while ignoring others (James Patrick) – they seem to have been ineffective in making the case for, at least ringfencing.

    It wouldn’t be suprising if the Home Office had plans for the Police which were not dissimilar to what they’ve tried with the armed services.

  2. nick ferguson says:

    Sadly the federation has let the entire service and the public down hugely, if ever there were the real need for reform it’s the fed that needs reforming. They have spent far too much time in recent years, failing to see the blindingly obvious on the horizon. They were warned stark and hard by proof Roger seifert at conference a few years back, but then quickly began infighting, more concerned with personal positions than becoming ready for what was coming. There are far too many national and regional representatives, fond of the highlife on expenses, than actually doing more than making noise. Sad but true.

  3. l8in says:

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