I Can Translate Policy Exchange-ese Into English (Sometimes)

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 04:54 pm

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I saw a Tweet from Policy Exchange yesterday. To say that it irked me somewhat is putting it mildly.



So, Police Constables and Sergeants are in the bottom 10 diverse occupations with a diversity rating of 0.11 (later).

I asked them what the diversity rating was for Inspectors and above;

They replied;

I couldn’t resist helping them out;

At this point Ian Wiggett asked them a very good question;


Their reply was superb;

So I looked at the quoted report, and believe you me, I didn’t get beyond “Index of Pluralism“.  WTF is one of those?  So I decided to make it easier for Policy Exchange to understand, good old fashioned percentages, including those too small to be measured;

So, really the problem, if one exists, is with Chief Officers, and not with the lower or middle ranks at all.

Oh, and incidentally, politicians and Think Tank staff don’t seem to figure anywhere in the 200+ occupations listed in the report.

Are Police Constables and Sergeants a concern?  No more so in my view than any other rank, and far less than Chief Officers.  Maybe Policy Exchange should start at the top instead of engaging in even more Frontline Kicking, so favoured by our illustrious government.

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