I Am Actually Ashamed

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10 Responses

  1. Trev says:

    My pi$$ is boiling, my BP is through the roof, and I want this charlatan of a copper outed wherever he goes for the rest of his miserable cowardly life

  2. Mira McMullen says:

    Beggars belief even to admit this….

  3. J Wood says:

    How can he sleep at night.?A police officer needed help and he locked himself into his car how can he take his pay?
    Keith Palmer lost his life as this coward stayed safe. This beggars belief.

  4. Rob Moon says:

    I have not felt this angry for a good while. I am ashamed that that individual wore the same uniform, and took the same oath as I did. I would not be able to show my face if I had behaved as he did. I have never shirked my responsibility and DUTY to intervene in the protection of life and property without fear or favour. He might be in a high rank but he is still an appointed Constable.

  5. Jeff Piper says:

    Take his knighthood away. And the QPM he probably got.
    Also have him investigated for dereliction of duty..

  6. Richard says:

    A PC would face a conduct panel and potential criminal charges. It seems a PC at scene advised him to leave shortly after the terrorist has been shot dead. So he did! At the very least he could have taken command on scene. I suspect and hope he will announce his retirement soon the better to avoid what should be a detailed investigation into his lack of action that day.

  7. Tim Sinclair says:

    Hope no company or charity, gives him a directorship. What a shining example of leadership to the troops this is!

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