How Much Does A Police Recruit Earn?  Please Remind Me

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4 Responses

  1. Jeff Piper says:

    No pension rise this year for me even though index linked and apparently none next year either because the rise on the index is too low.
    So why does the CC need a rise? And why the Allowance. Sounds like the MPs allowances which ordinary people have to pay for out of their salary.

  2. Gordon Williamson says:

    We are all in this together was a common phrase churned out by this Government and we all new it was a load of horse s**t.
    The majority of front line Police Officers also know that the majority of Senior Police Officers have little concern for front line officers and will certainly never stick their necks out to support real Police officers.
    They are far too concerned with looking after their own self interests this is no surprise, but it is an eye opener to see how much they are feathering the own nests!
    I guess we should not be that surprised, and the government and PCC’s will be happy enough to turn a blind eye as long as it keeps the Chief’s on side!
    Honesty, integrity, loyalty and honour are what the average front line officer lives by but the same cannot be said for most politicians and Chief Officers who spend too much time playing politics to understand the concept.
    Poor sods on the front line deserve so much better.

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