How Many Police Officers Have Taken Their Own Lives?

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  1. J.E. Coulter says:

    As I stated earlier; A Mirror Image. I’m sure there’s a huge opinion in the U.K. that we are all trigger happy over here. I won’t engage in a gun control debate with anyone. I’m a lifetime gun owner, end of. I was also our departments Firearms Instructor from 2003 to my retirement in 2013. I trained many officers from departments across the region. My philosophy “Be Right Tonight” when your life or those of your brothers, sisters and the wider community are at immediate risk it doesn’t matter, the world will make you wrong in the morning, just “be right” in the circumstances you are in. CNN doesn’t have the right to make that decision for you and neither does the always pending civil litigation and possible criminal prosecution nor the community persecution you will face. I speak from experience, it’s not fun but it’s a must.

    We too faced our higher ups trying to rule our personal lives as well, one tried to ban us from the local police watering hole. Didn’t work and those hours of moaning and just being around your own kind probably saved lives, might’ve ended a few marriages though.

    I try to keep up with policing over the water because I have friends who live there and it broke my heart to leave there. I see the job of the PC going to private companies that submit the lowest bid. Hendon will be run by a private company and what you consider “bad” now will be recalled as the “good old days”. I truly hate that because it really is a noble profession. When I attended the West Virginia State Police Academy, here every officer regardless of agency attends the same basic academy. The first lesson of the day was the foundation of American Policing. The first thing we learned there was about Sir Robert Peel and how professional law enforcement was born. I doubt very many officers in the U.K. know how much of a colony we still are (half joke). I hate to see this happen.

    Some states allow police unions, West Virginia doesn’t however we can sue the Sheriff through our Association not as individuals. We have and won every time. Some states have tried to establish quasi-police officers similar to PCSO’s which I suppose would be nice if it was in addition to officers instead of replacing them. You cannot take a radio and a notebook to a gunfight though, just doesn’t work that way and that’s what has blocked much of that here.

    Regarding shifts. I could never understand why you guys don’t work set shifts with set days off. We did forever until recently the department went to 12 hours with sliding days off. Instant misery. I don’t think I could’ve stood to work some of the shift patterns you guys work without screwing my Glock into the ear of some of the brass.

    I don’t want to turn this into a forum, I will try to not interject to much in the future. I do enjoy the posts though.

    • RetiredAndAngry says:

      Glad you enjoy them, feel free to chip in any time, always welcome. Opinion from a different perspective is also useful for a healthy debate. Stay strong.

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