How Grass Roots Front Line Policing Gave Us Police Now

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2 Responses

  1. Trevor Perks says:

    Why is it that you, a lowly pleb, can whack these nails on their heads repeatedly, yet no investigative journalist (do we even still have any?) seems even to be able to pick up as mich as a tack hammer on the subject? It’s enough to make a person think there’s some sort of collusion or orchestrated avoidance going on somewhere. Perish the thought!

    • RetiredAndAngry says:

      Thank you Trevor. I have long since interpreted the lack of opposition from NPCC types (unless they are about to retire) as an indication that they are either party to events such as this, or being pressured from above. U fortunately I don’t have the evidence to support that, but the lack of critical comment from NPCC supporting the grass roots is quite deafening.

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