HMIC No Crime The Whistleblowers’ Allegations

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  1. ideb8 says:

    Exactly. Thanks for great post.

    Uncle Tom Cobblers and All have been “Caught red-handed” trashing WBs in exactly the way they criticise the police for wrt rape victims.

    Their report may be curate’s egg but Tom’s a disgrace who’ll cure nothing if he’s happy to lie like BHH & May.

  2. This one is worth a look, written by Prof Tim Hope, part of the group of us (inc James P) who are all frustrated by the lack of depth and thorough investigation into the crime stats fiasco:-

    Speaks a lot of sense.

  3. ideb8 says:

    Yes, also comments from Steve himself, eg:

    “It is also no surprise that the HMIC could only ever scratch the surface of the consequence of these practices. We would hardly expect there to be a paper trail of guilt ridden evidence leading the inspectors to uncover the whole spiders web mess that has been created.”

    “The heaviest mantle of responsibility must lie with the Chief and senior officers, who, from 1997 onward, lacked the courage, vision and moral compass to resist performance targeting and the payment of divisive corruptive incentive bonuses. Only they benefitted. Everyone else, rank and file and the general public were cheated of the police service we deserve.”

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