Have ACPO Finally Grown A Pair? Or……..

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4 Responses

  1. david says:

    It is not in the character of ACPO to stand up for the whole police service nor for the wider public. They are alas mainly a group of clones, to whom risk taking is best avoided.

    The absence of any support for Lincs CC after his statement (supported by his PCC and Bedfordshire’s PCC) was very, very clear.

    It doesn’t take much for the Home Office to assert itself, with delicate phone calls and ACPO “falls into line” or remains silent. As we learnt after Nick Herbert’s departure as Policing Minister he had been a constant bully to ACPO.

    Policing and the public deserve better.

  2. PC Frank says:

    “We should share support services where possible, and make them as efficient as the best of the private sector. That means opening up all but core policing functions to competition.”

    Is’t that code for “we will do less and contract out much of that reduced service to Serco/ G4S”? In other words exactly what Mrs May and the Home Office want.

  3. ideb8 says:

    Yes. We know contract nurses cost a fortune & hospitals are trying to reduce the numbers they use. Surely their cost can’t be offset by any greater flexibility agency staff offer, otherwise hospitals would prefer them. If for nurses, presumably also for Serco/G4S – how does BHH possibly suppose that contracted out police staff will ever be more ‘efficient’ than experienced internal staff..?

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