Give Bullying The Boot

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4 Responses

  1. Aubry Hendy says:

    I have just resigned due to being bullied for over 15 months after eighteen good years of service and yearly appraisals.
    I have made an official complaint which is still ongoing.
    He abused his position and authority.
    I am now realising that this is more common in the police force, then ever.
    We need to hear more examples and how much stress this causes for officers and their family.

    • retiredandangry says:

      I’m truly sorry to hear that Aubrey. Yes it is making an unwelcome return but in a truly more insidious form than ever before. The sooner it’s stamped out permanently the beter everybody will be

  2. Once a Cop says:

    Bullying I fear nowadays is camouflaged within the police service as a ‘robust’ management style. I look forward to the day when an officer(s) wearing body-warn video (BWV) records such behaviour and then challenges his PSD plus to take action.

    No doubt the service will say BWV should be turned off in the station. I raised this issue last year with police officers and asked a PSD officer would he conduct a meeting with BWV turned on – no.

    “One rule” for them and another for the rest. Sad.

  3. Julian says:

    I can empathise with Aubry having experienced the culture within the same force at the highest levels.

    The bullying culture starts at the top and continues due to a lack of accountability.

    With regards to the article from Alex, this is common place, caring and compassion seems to have been eroded gradually.
    When I transferred to another force, I handed over my uniform etc in a bin liner over a front counter and did not have any form of exit interview.

    Whilst off sick as a result of serious bullying at high levels for whistleblowing, my long service and good conduct medal arrived in a brown envelope.
    Times have changed and I have noticed that the way the public are treated including victims of crime mirrors the way we treat our colleagues.

    It will take time for the police service as it usually does to go full circle and reinvent the wheel and realise we are there for the public.

    Interestingly crimes are now described as ‘areas of business’ in police management terminology.

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