Farewell Old Friend

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  1. Ian Templeton says:

    Well yet again assett stripping at its worst. Let them sell to the highest bidder with no guarantee of job security for possibly the lowest paid members of the MPS family. Yes OK the food was not the best but to be fair it is a bit like pearls before swine having witnessed 30 years of Cops eating habits but at least I always felt the MPCS were on our side. My best memories are of going down on Aid to Sheerness during the Miners and dock workers strikes in the 80s. MPCS turned up in a huge Marquee and served meals all day to Met and Kent and Sussex Officers who were initially supplied with sandwiches by their own Forces. The atmosphere and Camaraderie was brilliant. The food was fine with the introduction of the ubiquitous Black Forest Gateaux The staff were there before we arrived and prepared meals from early morning usually with a smile. I recognised many of the staff from various places that I had visited around the Met. At the end of the day somebody organised a blanket collection for the staff. I have never before seen that done. Boris and Hogan Who’s Who will look back at some of the decisions with regret when they realise just how much more this Contract will actually cost when they attempt to utilise any of the Services over and above the initial contract. Just remind me How much to change a lightbulb and move a Computer Terminal ? A sad decision.

    • Alan says:

      Spot on Ian, the actual staff were terrific and never seemed to stop smiling. A sad day and an awful decision when they finally disappear

  2. Beverley Eustace says:

    Not sure of the event but I remember being fed at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The marquees were still up following the flower show. Food was lovely and a gent went round all the tables asking if everything ok. No complaints and room for a quick game of footie. Another sad day for the Met. Teapot 1. A beacon after standing for hours or struggling with MOP’s

    • 72joiner says:

      I must say that although often poor the food could be oustanding at certain locations and especially if you went ‘off menu’, bearing in mind most of our cooks were West Indian or African who cooked traditional food at home.
      If they could be persuaded to prepare for you what they preferred to cook instead of what they were told to cook it was excellent. I must admit to being someone spoilt in the latter stages of my ‘career’, for my sins I was an events officer, responsible for arranging minor local events. This included Royal visits to certain Police premises, as a result of which I arranged the Guest list with advice from the Royal household, who requested ‘NO senior officers, HM wants to see and meet people on the ground’ after refusing to invite officers 6 ranks above mine, I as well as the whole of the street duties class and the station gardener also managed to invite the Canteen Manageress and all the staff of the local Police canteen to meet the Queen Mother.
      I never had a bad meal or had to wait in a queue in that canteen again.

  3. Gary says:

    Royal wedding day and being fed at 5am in a BT building on the route. A meal that had to last all day. They did us proud and then later they were doing sandwiches in the park off the Mall. They worked a longer day than I did that day, Notting Hill carnivals non stop a true asset to the MPD. Still thats what we do now sell our assets and later wonder what clown thought it was a good idea

  4. Jeff says:

    Never forget the day when I popped into GD to be met by white canteen staff! The Irish manageress, bless her, microwaved the cheesecake for me (don’t think she had a sense of humour) and when I pointed out that it had curdled and the cheese has ‘split’ offered me a 23p discount!!!!

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