Don’t Let Apathy And Despondency Win

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  1. One of your commentors says, “I am afraid that the present government have no interest in the police other than a source of saving public money”.
    Oh but they HAVE an interest in them! AND great need for them. They are needed to carry out the physical work of silencing whistle-blowers, required of them by that other arm of The Forces of Law & Order, the Legal/judicial Mafia! Why else would a whistle-blowing WW2 veteran be forced to flee the land of my birth for safety in Ireland?

    • Alan says:

      Welcome to my new site Norman, good to see you. Whistleblowers are never going to be popular, particularly if they live on a nuclear submarine

  2. Once a Cop says:


    I share your despondency about the stance taken by the Home Secretary and to a lesser extent the national Police Federation.

    Even without the (arguable) need for reducing public spending enough people in the Conservative Party long ago changed their position on policing, some for ideological reasons, a good number after encountering the police – invariably in London, not where they lived and many that the police were ‘the last great unreformed public service’.

    We simply did not see this coming in such strength.

    What is remarkable, even after allowing for party loyalty, not one Conservative MP or councillor has publicly challenged what has happen. Let alone what may happen soon.

    • retiredandangry says:

      Tory MPs seem unable to say anything until they’re told what to say by the Cabinet

    • soontobegone says:

      See the polfed article titled “Think tank reform say ‘more could still be done for ‘less’.
      Tells me all l need to know.

      Charlotte Pickles congratulated the service on doing a ‘tremendous job’ in delivering efficiencies in the last five years, but added ‘more could still be done for less’, at this year’s annual Federation conference.

      In another article “PCC asks who will stop London burning” as police are cut

      Charlotte Pickles, senior research director with Reform, said references to being kicked by the government were ‘not a helpful contribution to the conversation.

      Not helpful but bloody well true. You see they want us to just roll over and not make a fuss and not to tell the public what’s going on.

      • retiredandangry says:


        Thank you. It’s hardly surprising that the lady from Reform Think Tank should use language such as that, as Nick Herbert was one of their founding members, hardly independent. And, yes, I agree, absolutely true regardless of what the good lady may think

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