Does The Home Secretary, Sorry, Prime Minister, Have Blood On Her Hands?

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3 Responses

  1. Gary says:

    As stop and search is such an issue within the part of the community that is in fact suffering the most perhaps the onus of responsibility should shift from the police to the parents. Let them be responsible legally for their offspring carrying weapons in other words serarch their own kids and if later said offspring are found in possession parents are held equally at fault. Never happen……..but

  2. Glenn Tomlinson says:

    A clear and lucid illustration of May’s, at best flawed thinking, upon which her declaration to UK police to cease stop & search, chiefly on the grounds that it was racially biased. At worst, she has deliberately misled everyone by knowingly skewing the evidence to suit her argument that stop & search was being used with a racial bias, in order to pander to certain sections of the community to garner their vote. In so doing, May, as former Home Secretary and now PM, clearly has a case to answer when it comes to the death and carnage we are now witnessing in London.

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