Dear Media, Why Do You Hate Us So?

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4 Responses

  1. Stella Coppard says:

    As always bang on trend and direct to the glaringly obvious bad press from all sections of the media. Every one reading the constant misrepretational articles has to ask themselves the question: why are journalists so determined to undermine Police Officers and thereby undermine the fabric of society. A Government needs strong Policing to ensure stability and safety. Alan and his colleagues have years of experience and knowledge on the correct way to police all situations and for them to see the way Police are demeaned and derided by so many must be harrowing. Every member of the public I know back the Police 100% and are willing the Gvt. mood to change for the benefit of all.

  2. Bluegrass says:

    For Gods sake if this lot of bosses got a sniff of corruption from a junior Officer they would not rest till they stitched them up.It gives them a reason for living and as Kevin Keggan said ‘I would love it really,really love it’.

  3. Gordon Williamson says:

    Agree totally Alan.
    It is in the press interest to undermine the Police.
    It means more sensationalist stories and if they really stir the S**,t then they might incite serious public disorder.
    That will sell loads of papers and it’s really cheap television news. They can roll out the usual “experts” who have some ology but have never done anything in the real world and speculate for hours. Then invite someone who might know what they are talking about for a 5 minute spot followed by the great unwashed screaming about brutality, various isms, throw in a bit of BLM. Weeks of cheap, easy press.
    Lots of MP’s on either side of the house get their faces on the TV, all part of the publicity gravy train.
    Who cares about the damage to property, the injuries to Public and Police it’s all great sensational TV.
    They are parasites!

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